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Stuart Dalgleish 18th Dec 2010 - 2:16

The Ashes third Test day three - live blog and betting updates

Mitchell Johnson turned the game on its head yesterday with a brilliant spell of swing bowling, it's put the Aussies in command of the Test and they're red-hot favourites at 1/4, the draw is looking very unlikely now and that's a 16/1 shot, a few quick wickets and 10/3 on England will look very generous.

02:30 - We're underway then on day three of this third Ashes Test, Australia's lead is 200.

02:32 - Watson is on 61, can he get a massive total to put it beyond England? The spread on his total is 96.5, England will hope the 17/20 on under that comes in.

02:38 - We've only had four overs from Swann this innings, will he get England back into it? He's 3/1 top England bowler.

02:42 - England appeal, not sure what for. They decide against a review, wisely.

02:44 - Day three session 1 runs - the spread is at 83.5, do you think they'll race away and go over that total? 17/20 says they do.

02:54 - Watson moves on to 75, he's now the third top scorer in the series, it's 11/4 he scores over 150, 8/15 to score a century.

02:55 - Aus 2/7, draw 12/1, Eng 10/3.

03:00 - The draw has come in to 10s, surely there's enough time to get a result out of this game?

03:16 - It's slow going out there for England, with Watson and Hussey closing in on a 100 partnership. Aus 3/10, draw 9/1, Eng 10/3.

03:31 - That's two magnificent shots there from Watson, and he moves on to 89, can England deny him his first Ashes century?

03:46 - Hussey is looking in great touch once again out there, he's 11/8 to score a 100.

03:53 - Watson could be gone! The opener goes upstairs but that looked good to me.

03:54 - He's a gonner, real shame for him but Watson departs for 95 and England finally have the breakthrough thanks to Tremlett.

03:56 - So after a morning of toil, England have their man and are right back in to this Test match. Australia still favs at 3/10, draw 7/1 and England 4/1.

04:00 - England have another one! Australia again go for a review, it looks like Smith has edged that one on to his pad and has been caught behind.

04:01 - It's actually for an LB shout, could it be too high?

04:02 - Smith survives, the ball was sailing over the top. He's 10/1 top Australia batsman.

04:06 - There is pressure on Smith, the pundits believe he should be coming in after Haddin, can he prove them wrong with a decent total? The young batsman/spin bowler is 9/4 to reach 50.

04:07 - Sixth successive 50 for Hussey in Ashes cricket, beating his own record! Can you believe the Aussie public wanted him out pre-series? He's their best batsman by a country mile.

04:15 - So with that blast to the boundary Hussey moves to 5/6 favourite top Australia batsman.

04:17 - We're approaching lunch at the Waca, might Swann be thrown the ball for an over or so?

04:20 - That was better from Smith, and Australia are past 200 now. 362.5 is the current spread for their 2nd innings total. 17/20 for England to keep them under that.

04:30 - Reviewed straight away, but England could have Hussey!

04:31 - This is a massive moment in this match, again this bouncy pitch has saved an Australian batsman though. Hussey continues.

04:31 - That was the last action before lunch and Australia are 292 runs ahead. Aus 1/3, draw 8/1, Eng 7/2.

05:11 - We're back after lunch then and England will be looking for some early wickets to keep their victory target low.

05:20 - Smith looks to be growing in confidence, that was a beautiful shot there. 6/1 top Australia batsman now.

05:23 - Only twice has a team chased down over 300 to win a Test match on this ground, one of them was Australia. England look like having a tough job winning this match.

05:26 - England are leaving this one be, Anderson thought that Smith nicked it but it came off the pad.

05:28 - Warney desperately wants Swann to bowl, time will be running out for him with the new ball due in 20 overs.

05:29 - England are going to review this one, another LBW shout, looked like it could've been going down leg.

05:29 - Height isn't an issue this time but Smith survives it and England now have just one review left.

05:31 - That last view showed it clipping leg stump, but not enough of the ball was on target for it to be given, here comes Swann.

05:35 - A little bit of turn from Swann there in his first over, we'll surely be seeing him in rotation till the new ball arrives. Aus 3/10, draw 15/2, Eng 4/1.

05:53 - It's all very quiet out there for England. Aus now shortened to 1/4, draw 13/2, England out to 11/2.

06:00 - Would you believe it, an Aussie has walked! Smith is gone, just the breakthrough that England were after, although they would've preferred Hussey.

06:04 - So that puts Australia five down, but with a big lead. Aus now 3/10, draw 8/1, England shoot down to 4s.

06:05 - Hussey now gets past Cook as the leading run scorer in the series, he's 1/6 to go to three figures.

06:14 - What sort of score will Haddin be looking at? He's 6/5 to reach 50, 4/1 to get a ton.

06:20 - Prior has four catches in the match, it's a 3/1 chance that the keeper takes another one for the next Aussie wicket.

06:22 - Haddin's gone! Now then, is it game on again?

06:23 - The Aussies have lost their 6th wicket of the innings, Tremlett gets Haddin to drag one back on to his stumps for his 7th of the match, can he get a 10 wicket game?

06:27 - Johnson is in with Hussey now, who's edging closer to a century. Mitch might have a rival now for the man of the match award with Tremlett.

06:29 - There's to be no heroics with the bat this time for Johnson, Collingwood offers it up to him and he drives it straight to Bell, Australia seven down now.

06:31 - This game now rests on Mike Hussey's shoulders for Australia, if he stays in and gets a big score he can put the game beyond England, if he goes then the tourists could be chasing under 400.

06:32 - Australia now 4/11, the draw surely has no chance of coming in - that's 20/1, England now down to 9/4.

06:35 - Hussey loved that, he wasn't to fail in the 90s like Watson, a glorious pull shot gets him a four, and more importantly, a century. He is the glue that holds this Australian team together.

06:44 - Harris goes cheaply again! He fell for it hook, line and sinker. Australia now eight down, but still Hussey remains.

06:48 - England's odds have really come in now, they're 15/8. Australia are 2/5, the draw is 25s.

06:52 - Swann drops Siddle, how crucial could that be?

07:09 - England have taken the new ball now, Anderson is charging in for one over before tea.

07:15 - So that's tea then. England have done better in this session, but while Hussey remains it's still the Aussies that are in the driving seat. Aus 4/11, draw 28/1, Eng 11/5.

07:35 - We're back after tea, Tremlett is on, can he get these two last wickets?

07:39 - Siddle is out! Anderson gets his 200th Test wicket to leave Australia nine down.

07:42 - Congratulations to Jimmy, Australia now 4/11, draw 33/1 and England in to 2/1.

07:49 - Australia are all out, superb effort from Hussey but he pulls at Tremlett and Swann takes the catch in the deep.

07:50 - England need 391 to retain the Ashes! Australia 2/5, draw 50/1, England 7/4.

07:58 - Here we go then, Strauss and Cook stride out to the middle, both 7/2 for top England batsman.

07:59 - Hilfenhaus will open the bowling, he's 4/1 top Australia bowler, Johnson is a 7/4 shot to continue his sensational form from the first innings.

08:02 - A good bit of swing there from Hilfy, just think what Johnson can do with it.

08:09 - England needing another 383, Aus 4/9, draw 80/1, Eng 13/8.

08:12 - Delightful from the skipper there, ticking along nicely so far.

08:15 - Dropped short to Ponting from Cook, not for the first time in this match.

08:17 - Johnson is in to the attack, this could be an interesting spell.

08:20 - It's a straight head-to-head now. Australia 1/2 - England 6/4.

08:21 - OK, it has been for a while to be fair, but the prices are getting a lot closer with this impressive start from England's openers.

08:22 - Cook has gone! Oh dear, just as I was saying they had made an impressive start Harris traps Cook leg-before.

08:23 - Australia 3/10 - England 12/5.

08:38 - Strauss gone! Johnson takes the wicket of the captain, England could be up against it now.

08:42 - Australia are well on top now, Johnson has picked up from where he left off in the first innings. Aus 1/6 - Eng 7/2.

08:46 - England need 350 now, Australia just eight wickets. Pietersen and Trott are at the crease, they're 6/5 and 11/10 respectively to get 50s.

08:59 - Two from Pietersen there brings up the 50 for England, he would've preferred to be watching one of Strauss or Cook get that milestone though.

09:16 - It's slow moving out there for England, but to be fair they have a long time to get their runs so no need to play any rash shots.

09:18 - Aus 2/7 - Eng 5/2.

09:20 - Pietersen's out! That's hugely disappointing from KP, he went after one that should've been left and England in deep trouble now at 55-3.

09:25 - A gift from Pietersen puts Australia to 1/8, England are at 9/2. Collingwood has struggled for form this series, they need him to get a score more than ever, he's 3/1 top England batsman.

09:27 - Trott's 3/1 to score a 100. Collingwood would be happy enough reaching 50 - that's a 13/8 shot.

09:45 - The Aussies half-appealed, but I don't think he touched it, off the thigh.

09:46 - England will be glad of that, they cannot afford to lose another wicket tonight if they're to get back in to this game. Aus 1/7 - Eng 4/1.

09:54 - Trott's out! He glanced it behind, Ponting palmed it up in the air and Haddin got the rebound.

09:57 - Another soft dismissal as far as England are concerned. Aus now 1/16 - Eng 7/1.

10:00 - Collingwood is 4/1 to score a century, if England are to win this match then that surely has to happen.

10:01 - That's pathetic from Collingwood, game over now, no doubt about that.

10:01 - England are five down at the end of play, no chance of getting back in to this match now though.


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