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Stuart Dalgleish 17th Dec 2010 - 2:19

The Ashes third Test day two - live blog and betting updates

The first day of the third Test belonged to England, but Mitchell Johnson performed well with the bat to help the Aussies to 268, now can the recalled bowler help his team get back in to it by taking early wickets?

02:32 - We're underway then, Harris starts with a maiden over.

02:37 - England have really dominated with the bat so far this series, are Strauss and Cook set to score big again? They're both 9/4 to reach triple figures.

02:38 - Phew! Stauss totally gets away with one there as Watson and Haddin both leave the skippers edge to fly to the boundary.

02:47 - It's looking all too easy again for England's openers, the spread is 450.5 for their first innings score, 17/20 says they go over that. Aus 4/1, draw 7/2, Eng 1/2.

02:52 - Johnson's got the ball now, he's 3/1 top Australia bowler.

02:55 - Apologies for yesterday's blog using CET, as you may know the William Hill office is in Gibraltar so I was looking at that clock whilst doing my updates, thought it would confuse people if I changed it half way through the day but we're in GMT today!

02:59 - Already it's looking like it could be a long day for Australia's bowlers. England have shortened to 4/9, the draw is 10/3 and you've got a massive 5/1 on Australia, at home.

03:02 - If you don't want to wait a few days for settlement of your bet then take advantage of some of our over by over markets, it's 5/4 for a boundary in the 22nd over, 7/1 for a wicket to fall.

03:16 - Cook is gone! Mike Hussey takes the gully catch from Johnson, to stop the opener scoring big again.

03:20  - Trott joins the captain at the crease, he's 4/1 to top score for England, who've lengthened slightly to 8/15, Australia go in to 9/2, the draw 11/4.

03:28 - Trott's a gonner! Johnson gets another one and they're back in this game now.

03:30 - That was just what Austrlia needed, two quick wickets to stop England accelerating. They're 11/4 now, the draw 7/2 and England 4/6.

03:32 - With those wickets, the fired up Johnson has now moved to clear fav for top Australia bowler at 1/2.

03:33 - Wow, Johnson is on fire! He looks like he might have wrapped KP on the pads, England have taken it upstairs.

03:36 - Collingwood comes in now after Johnson claimed the crucial wicket of Pietersen, England are all of a sudden 82-3, fair play to Johnson he looks in great nick.

03:37 - Australia are now 7/4 following that quick burst, draw 5/1 and England 8/11.

03:39 - That's 50 for the skipper, England need him to keep a level head and build up a big partnership with Colly.

03:42 - Collingwood needs a big total after a couple of struggles so far, he's 11/8 to reach 50.

03:49 - The Aussies seem to have a spring in their step now, that first innings total of England's that was set at 450.5 is now way down to 335.5, it's 17/20 that Aus keep them below that.

03:54 - The captains gone! Harris takes the key wicket as far as Australia are concerned and they are right in this now.

03:56 - England have their 'ginger ninja's' in bat now, Bell and Collingwood, Bell has looked in good touch when he's had a chance to bat, but those opportunities have been few and far between.

03:57 - The betting is now very tight, Aus are 6/5, draw 5/1 and Eng now 11/10.

04:00 - Australia have reviewed one, they're on top so they might as well, Collingwood could be the man gone.

04:01 - Well, at first glance it didn't look good but Colly departs for just three runs, Australia are now in control of this game.

04:04 - For the first time in the match, Australia are now the odds-on favourites, 4/5 on Ponting's men, draw looking more unlikely by the second at 13/2, England now out to 6/4.

04:07 - Bell is a 2/1 chance for top England batsman, they desperately need this to happen or Australia will really fancy their chances. Aus 4/5, draw 7/1, Eng 11/8.

04:11 - Personally I thought it was harsh on Johnson, dropping him for the 2nd Test, but perhaps it was the kick up the backside that he needed. Pre-match he was a 16/1 shot for MOTM, that looks nailed now.

04:16 - Looking at the series prices, this spell from Johnson has really blown it wide open; Australia are now 5/2 to win the Ashes, 4/1 drawn series, England still odds-on but have shortened drastically to 4/7.

04:20 - Siddle comes in now to replace the outstanding Johnson, the fiery bowler is 25/1 top Aus bowler.

04:29 - Prior's not really seeing it out there so far, if he does then the keeper could be a good shout at 3/1 top England batsman.

04:30 - We're at lunch now on day two of the third Test, sensational stuff from Johnson and Australia, they've totally turned this game on its head. Aus 4/5, draw 8/1, Eng 11/8.

05:05 - Sky have just finished showing highlights of Adam Gilchrist's unbelievable century from the third Test at this ground in the last series Down Under, probably not very likely we'll see similar fireworks from England's wicketkeeper, but Prior is 5/1 to score a 100 all the same!

05:14 - At the start of the day we weren't expecting to see much of Graeme Swann, but after England's collapse it's looking like he'll be involved a fair bit over the next couple of days. He's 12/1 for top England batsman, his day job of course is England's spin bowler, he's Evens to take the most wickets for England.

05:21 - Bell has got a 50 in each of his innings so far in this series, it's 8/11 he reaches a half-century again, what England would really want though is a three-figure score from him, that's a 9/4 chance.

05:33 - The Aussies have now eased  out to Evens, the draw 6/1 and England 5/4. That's because Bell and Prior are edging closer to a 50 partnership, what sort of score can they help England to? The spread is 278.5 at the minute, 17/20 they go over that.

05:45 - Australia are still keeping Johnson out of the attack, England could do with kicking-on while their best bowler is being rested as Siddle isn't looking up to much.

05:46 - Can I take that last line back?! What a stroke of luck for Siddle there, Prior gets his body in the way of a bouncer and it just drops on to his leg stump to leave England six down. Swann in next.

05:51 - England's spinner will be under pressure from the bouncy Australia attack, can he block it out while Bell gets the scoreboard ticking over?

05:55 - Australia are back to odds-on again, 8/11 for the hosts, 7/1 the draw, 6/4 England.

05:59 - An early look to when England will be bowling again and Finn at 5/1 top England bowler could be good value, this pitch is offering plenty of bounce and he and Tremlett (7/2) will enjoy bowling on it, if there's enough footmarks created though, Swann will take advantage of that, he's Evens.

06:21 - The draw is out to 8/1 now, but Aus remain at 8/11 and England are unchanged at 6/4. Will Bell push on and bring England back into it, or is Johnson the man to get Australia well on top?

06:25 - Super shot from Bell there and he's got England within a 100 of Australia's total now, 1/4 to top score in this innings.

06:31 - That's a belter from Bell to bring up his 50, his third out of three innnigs, can he get England up to Australia's total? 6/5 now to score a century.

06:37 - Swann's gone! That's a pity as he and Bell were putting on a good partnership there.

06:37 - So that's Harris' second second wicket of the innings and it's put Australia to 4/7, draw 9/1, England 7/4.

06:53 - Harris has his third wicket! Bell taken in the slips by Ponting.

06:55 - That should pretty much be that now for England, Tremlett and Anderson might as well go swinging to get England within 50 of Australia's total.

07:00 - A pearler there from Johnson, Tremlett's timbers are scattered and Australia are nearly through England's card.

07:00 - The Aussies red-hot favourites at 2/5 now, draw is 10/1, England 9/4.

07:03 - That's your lot then from England, Mitchell Johnson has produced a masterclass today to skittle the tourists out for just 187.

07:04 - Tea is being taken now and when the players return Australia will look to get plenty of runs on the board to put this game out of site. Aus 4/11, draw 14/1, Eng 5/2.

07:19 - This scenario could be perfect for Hughes once Australia get underway, the opener disappointed in the first innings but he likes to hit out, he's 11/2 to top score for Australia.

07:28 - Watson's 11/8 to score a 50, Hughes is a 2/1 chance. England will be hoping the opposite comes in, (8/15, 4/11 respectively).

07:34 - Don't forget, it's not just the Ashes going on in the cricket world at the minute; South Africa will take to the field looking to claim one more Indian wicket in the first innings of their Test in just under an hours time. Click here for betting opportunities in that match.

07:40 - What sort of score will England be chasing then? The spread on Australia's second innings score is 310.5, it's 17/20 England keep them under that.

07:41 - The umpire remains motionless, but England aren't reviewing it, strange.

07:42 - Everybody went up, but Strauss decided against going upstairs, Australia are 4/11, draw 10/1, England 11/4.

08:00 - Watson has found his range and is putting Finn all over the park, he's 3/1 top Australia bat.

08:01 - Australia now 2/7, draw 15/2, England at a massive 4/1, a few quick wickets and that could look a great bet.

08:16 - Australia's openers are building a much better platform than the first innings, when will the first wicket fall? The spread is set at 67.5 currently, 17/20 they go over it.

08:19 - England strike! Hughes is gone, Finn bagging the wicket thanks to Collingwood's catch.

08:21 - That was just what the doctor ordered, it was looking like Hughes and Watson were going to put on quite a few there, that's brought England right back in to it, they're 10/3 now, Aus 4/11 the draw 15/2.

08:29 - So Ponting's in now, can he finally put a score on the board? The captain is 11/8 to score a 50.

08:35 - Australia at 1/3 now, draw at 10s and England 3/1.

08:37 - England are reviewing a caught behind, they think they might have Ponting.

08:38 - Ponting is surely gone here, looked like it hit the glove, the captain fails once again, huge pressure building on him now.

08:41 - Not too long ago England were 4/1, two quick wickets and they're all of a sudden 9/4, Aus gone out to 2/5 and the draw, which should have no chance of coming in is 12/1.

08:50 - Clarke, like his captain who's already gone, is in need of a big total, he's 3/1 top Australia batsman.

09:00 - The draw price continues to drift, that's a 16/1 chance now as a result looks more and more likely, who will it be though Australia (1/3) or England (11/4)?

09:03 - Clarke once again flops, he drags on to Tremletts short one.

09:04 - Australia's key man Hussey is in now, he's 2/1 to top score for Australia. They're now at 4/9 for the match, draw 16/1 and England now in to 7/4. What a day of Test cricket this has been.

09:22 - Watson is approaching a 50, he's had no such problems achieving those sorts of scores since moving to the top of the order, but we haven't seen many centuries, 6/4 says he gets a 100 this time.

09:37 - Australia are getting towards 100, what will they end up on though? The spread is 286.5, 17/20 they manage more than that.

09:44 - Daggers has a kid in need and is out of here now and Rupert Wyman is carrying on the blog

09.48 - Watson has just reached 50, can he kick-on? He is 17/20 to score Over 90.5 runs

09:56 - Australia are 200 runs ahead and are 2/7 to win the test.

10:00 - The cricket in Australia has finished for the day and the Australians lead by 200 runs with 7 wickets remaining. See you all tomorrow for a cracking day of cricket!



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