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Antony Heath 24th Apr 2012 - 12:53

Lister 7-2 for sweet Seven!

With the opening round of the williamhill.com Greyhound Derby drawing near, the sponsors have priced up a range of specials, where all-time winning-most trainer Charlie Lister OBE is quoted at 7-2 to record a monumental seventh victory in the premier competition.

Taylors Sky, 6/1 ante-post favourite, is quoted at 5/2 to smash his own track record of 28.17s during any round, however Razldazl Jayfkay has begun to make inroads on the defending champ's favouritism and is now 8/1 clear second-favourite (from 10/1) to relieve him of his title - 25/1 is available for the pair to finish first and second in the final.

Dolores Ruth is a well-fancied 1/3 to be the top lady trainer, while Razldazl Jayfkay is 7/4 to be the leading Irish runner.




williamhill.com Greyhound Derby winning trainer: 7/2 C Lister OBE, 11/2 D Ruth, 8/1 P Young, 14/1 D Childs, K Macari, 16/1 M Dartnall, 25/1 P Cronin, 33/1 M Wallis, N Savva

Enhanced first-round treble - Taylors Sky, Razldazl Jayfkay and Eden Star all to win: 5/2

Taylors Sky to break own track record: 5/2

Track Record (28.17) to be broken in any round: 2/1

Match Bet: 4/7 Taylors Sky vs Eden Star 5/4

Any greyhound to reach the Derby final without winning a round: EVS

Any greyhound to win the Derby final without winning a round: 28/1

Winning prefix: 5/1 Razldazl, 7/1 Droopys, 10/1 Mill, 14/1 Farloe, Jaytee, 33/1 Westmead

Seeding of the Derby Final winner (as per first round draw)

Rails       8/13

Middle  4/1

Wide     5/2

Derby final winning trap: 7/2 Trap 6, 4/1 Trap 1, 5/1 Trap 2, 5/1 Trap 3, 5/1 Trap 4, 5/1 Trap 5

Winning distance of the Derby final: 6/4 - 3 Lengths or more,     7/4 - Under 1.25 Lengths,             9/4 - 1.25 Lengths - 2.75 Lengths Inclusive

Taylors Sky and Razldazl Jayfkay Derby reverse forecast: 25/1

Match Bet: 4/6 Jaytee Pedro vs Coolavanny Bert 11/10

Match Bet (which trainer will progress furthest): 6/4 D Ruth vs C Lister  1/2

Derby final winning trainer: 1/5 male vs female 10/3

Winning Nationality: 2/9 British, 3/1 Irish

Top lady trainer: 1/3 D Ruth, 9/2 K Macari, 12/1 K Findlay, 25/1 E McNair, J Bateson, 40/1 K Peake, S Hurley, 50/1 C Price, 66/1 K Billingham, 100/1 BAR

Top Irish-trained runner: 7/4 Razldazl Jayfkay, 5/1 Barefoot Allstar, 7/1 Droopys Jet, 10/1 Judicial Ruling, Razldazl Rioga, 12/1 Shelbourne Geoff, 20/1 Burst Of Magic, Cuil Cougar, Razldazl Bugatti, Ruthless Man, Tinas Nova, Tynwald Bolt, 25/1 Rockview Head, 28/1 BAR

Top Charlie Lister runner: 8/13 Taylors Sky, 7/2 Boher Paddy, 8/1 Silverview Perky, 12/1 Boher Chieftain, Tyrur Justin, 16/1 Bucks Blade, Taylors Cruise, 66/1 Hather George

Top Dolores Ruth runner: 1/4 Razldazl Jayfkay, 9/2 Razldazl Rioga, 16/1 Cuil Cougar, Razldazl Bugatti

Top Dean Childs runner: 6/4 Droopys Lorenzo, 11/4 Deanridge Viking, 5/1 Droopys Loner, 8/1 Droopys Vito, Malbay Phanter, 10/1 Leo Options, 20/1 Whata Lovely Job

Top Mark Wallis runner: 6/4 Jazz Apollo, 2/1 Blonde Snapper, 5/1 Aero Bellagio, 8/1 Castlebride Dan, 10/1 Dixies Air, 12/1 Benkaat Boy

Top Paul Young runner: 11/10 Bubbly Phoenix, 9/4 Jaytee Apache, 9/4 Young Sid



Williamhill.com Greyhound Derby: 6/1 Taylors Sky, 8/1 Razldazl Jayfkay, 10/1 Eden Star, 16/1 Boher Paddy, Bubbly Phoenix, 20/1 Barefoot Allstar, Droopys Jet, Jaytee Pedro, Mill Maximus, 25/1 Coolavanny Bert, Head Iton Hayesy, Mill Bling Bling, Young Sid, 33/1 Bucks Blade, Droopys Lorenzo, Judicial Ruling, Razldazl Rioga, Silverview Perky, Tyrur Justin, 40/1 Ballymac Cryan, Boher Chieftain, Farloe Iceman, Farloe Ironman, Jaytee Apache, Mags Gamble, Mill Pegasus, Ruthless Man, Shelbourne Geoff, Westmead Maldini, 50/1 BAR (EW ¼ 1,2,3,4,5,6)


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