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Nic Ladds 8th Mar 2010 - 13:49

Have you eye'd the 2010 Formula 1 rules?

Before you have your season-long winning constructor and winning driver bets, make sure you know about the new points system down at the old F1 headquarters.

In an effort obviously introduced to make the 61st Formula One season more attractive for spectators and punters alike, each Grand Prix victory will now be worth a massive 25 championship points, with second place worth 18 and third, 15 points.

This essentially means there is now added incentive for each driver to push harder, better, faster and stronger for that better finishing position, hopefully leading to more thrilling racing action.

Last season, championship points were awarded to drivers finishing in the top eight but following an F1 commission meeting and the addition of four new teams - eight additional drivers now on track - it was decided that points will now be awarded to drivers finishing in the top ten.

2010 F1 Points System

1st = 25 points
2nd = 18 points
3rd = 15 points

4th = 12 pts
5th = 10 pts
6th = 8 pts
7th = 6 pts
8th = 4 pts
9th = 2 pts
10th = 1 point

In addition to the new points system we go back-to-the-old-school with no refuelling during pit stops.

In a move taking F1 back to the days when Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince were Shaking the Room, Formula One cars will now only enter the pits to change tyres during a stop.

This retro return may however mean that teams will revert to a one-stop strategy, in my view removing an element of excitement in itself. Although the pit-stop times do become a great challenge between teams,  for now, gone are the anticipation filled moments as to whether we witness a pit-crew bursting into a ball of flames as the fuel hose goes awry!

Though, as I say, do look forward to an increased emphasis on how well the pit crew perform.

Anyway, this nicely moves us on to another important rule change.

In qualification for an F1 Grand Prix, drivers who make it through to the 'Top 10 shootout' must now begin the race on the tyres which were used for the previous day's qualification. And although that may not sound such a grand change, it will throw up huge strategic decisions amongst the teams behind the pit wall.

Do they now sacrifice a fast qualification and thus a better race grid position in order to have longer lasting rubber? Or perhaps use Supersofts for a fast qualification & grid position, then to get only 10 more laps before the tyres deteriorate and begin marbling when the race is under way.

It all counts, and could prove for some very unpredictable F1 race results in the early stages of the season as both drivers and teams come to terms with the changes ahead.

Either way, I feel Formula 1 is well on the way to gaining a rejuvenated feel following a turbulent 12 months. FIA budget arguments led to worrying F1 breakaway rumours, followed by cheating revelations, more funding issues, folding teams and eventually the demise of Max Mosley.

Don't worry though... I hear there's a well known German back in town to restore a little order and discipline.


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