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Lee Phelps 1st May 2010 - 8:49

The Fuzz: Sat May 29th

Cash cows

Bonjour et être bienvenus The Fuzz. Well it is Eurovision this weekend so I thought I would add a bit of Eurospeak. This week it's all about drops, flops and bottom of the pops.

Let's start with an idea for a gameshow I've had. It is basically aimed at earning a television company loads of cash without spending an awful lot. You would need a presenter who could manage to be annoying and personable in equal measure and a big colourful set to appeal to the millions (I'm ambitious if nothing else) watching at home.

The premise is to set a series of dexterity puzzles and every time you complete one you win more money." Krypton Factor" I hear you say?! Aah but the catch here is that it's only open to people with no arms. "Cruel" you shout? Well, no more cruel than asking people without a functioning brain to answer multiple choice questions to try to win a million quid! If you haven't seen Million Pound Drop you need to watch it. The most talented people on that show are the researchers you have managed to ensure no contestant could possibly answer eight questions and have money left at the end.

It's basically another version of a 'let's laugh at unfortunate, but fairly attractive and brightly dressed people on our telly'. It should be called Channel 4's Cash Cow, because the revenue they get from the ads without having to pay out a bean is genius.

There's a rumour going round Twitter (@leephelps by the way ahem!) that it is somehow an audition process for the final BB which starts just before the World Cup.

We've been trying to find some value bets in England's group at the best sports tournament know to man this week on In Play Radio. Myself, Dinky and Richard Shaw-Wright watched the hapless Algerians lose to the Republic on Friday night and then discovered England are 8/5 to win both halves against the Africans in their second group game! Now obviously the ACoN semi finalists will have a few better players in and will be trying a bit harder in South Africa, but still. If Ireland can win both halves, Capello's boys definitely can and it will not be 8/5 come game time.

We've had a cracking week on In Play Radio. Two bets I'd highlight are: 1) Backing caught in the 'any other dismissal method' in limited overs games. If you have the time to sit through an entire innings in the West Indies v South Africa ODI series, wait for the Windies to bat, pick a stake and back it every time they lose a batsmen. In the 3rd ODI 8 out of 10 wickets fell to that method and 'worst' price throughout the whole innings was 2/1 ON. 2) Dinky's tennis knowledge was superb on Friday night (I know that seems like a contradiction in terms). He put over 6 points in the match between Rezai and Petrova. That women's game on clay between two evenly matched players meant it was going to hit deuce a lot and it did.

Give us a listen if you've never bet In Play before, this weekend Hills are giving away four £25 free bets on the likes on the play off finals and the French Open.

Don't be surprised if you hear camp music and see even camper costumes being worn across this great nation of ours on Saturday night ... Eurovision parties seem to be very fashionable at the minute. I'm not a fan to be honest (not since Wogan hung up his wit) but I do like the way it seems to have become a way of expressing disdain and dishing out punishment to Great Britain by a disgruntled Europe. They could declare war or impose financial sanctions on us if they really felt like it, but no they just give us crap marks at a singing contest. To be fair though, we seem happy to bend over and take the cane, in fact we positively encourage it by churning out some of the worst songs to ever trouble the human ear.

The tip for the overall winner from within the William Hill walls is Israel at around 10s. You can back it each way (you get a third of the odds if they finish in the top 3).

I'll finish on another contest that involves hitting and notes. Hitting other people's faces and pound notes - thirty two thousand of them to be precise. Prizefighter: The Super Bantamweights is on Sky on Saturday night. If you haven't seen it, it's eight fighters in four three round quarter finals, followed by the semis and a final all on one night with the winner getting the cash.

It should be an exciting one because the weight division lends itself to fast, frenetic action and with only three rounds they'll go at it hammer and tong.

I've got a fancy for a fighter called Willie Casey. He's only had five fights (won all of them, four by stoppage). His last fight was over in Canada where he fought their domestic champion, who was also unbeaten in ten fights. Willie floored him four times on the way to stopping him in the eighth in his own back yard. He's 5/1 to win Prizefighter and while I'm not saying he's a sure thing, he'll give you some excitement along the way. I got all four quarter finals right in the last Prizefighter, so I'm going to try again. I'd back Casey, Wale, Arthur and Owen to progress. You'll get £50 back for a tenner stake on that.

Right that's that for this week ... I'm going to a daddy again by this time next week, so if The Fuzz doesn't appear that's my excuse (I will endeavour to write something though)

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