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Nic Ladds 28th Jan 2010 - 15:33

Alex Reidy to win

The final is fast approaching and when the 27 days end, we will be left with one winner, the people's champion, and that champion will be Alex "The Reidenator" Reid.

In the outright betting preview I found it hard to see any other winner than footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones but the ex-hard man has rarely shined over the last month. Vinnie has not lived up to expectations and spent most of his time cooking, cleaning and picking fault behind everyone's back.

After driving Sov out of the house, for doing very little (maybe that was the point), Vinnie dropped in the betting when people saw a different side of him, a side that seems to love corned beef a little too much.

Since then there has been a new favourite almost every day with Jonas, Dane Bowers and now Alex Reid all tipped to win at some point.

I think it's safe to rule Stephanie Beacham (25/1) out of the running as the only female left has been quiet, other than popping up every now and again with a snooty comment. The lack of fun she has brought to the house means she hasn't gained much of a following.

Basshunter Jonas (12/1) has been a good housemate and I think if it wasn't for his fling with Katerina, the large female voting contingent would have grown to love the Swede. However Katerina's unpopularity did rub off on him and although he has been entertaining throughout, his chances have been blown.

Vinnie Jones (9/2) started favourite and stayed odds on for the majority of the opening couple of weeks but the aforementioned lack of humour and excess bitching has seen him disappoint and slip to third favourite coming in to the final. I think the main reason behind this is his failure to live up to his "everyman" label. Talking about $400 socks and his celebrity neighbours has certainly taken a shine off him.

Dane Bowers (7/2) has surprised a lot of people and was favourite; he has now slipped to second but still has a real chance of winning. Although I am not a fan of the ex-Another Level man, he has been a good enough housemate - even if he was Vinnie Jones' lap dog for the first couple of weeks. Maybe I was the only one hoping for him and Nicola T to get a bit closer.

The headlines though will surely go to Alex Reid (4/7). This poor lad has been through the mill the last few months and has shown his critics that he's not actually some evil cross-dressing, fighting maniac. He is in fact quite a nice bloke, and what I think swung it for him was the whole "tanning incident".

For those have you missed it, Alex got Jonas to give him a full body spray tan after a few alcoholic beverages and it turned in to both of them just cracking up with laughter as Jonas attempted to get every "nook and cranny" on Alex's rather large frame.

This seemed to show Alex in a new, more fun light and along with his naivety in his conversations on religion with Stephen Baldwin - the nation's hearts seemed to warm to him. Even if you aren't convinced by him, don't forget he has Jordan waiting for him on the outside; he must qualify for a sympathy vote at least.

Either way he has done what he set out to, change the majority opinion on him and he looks a worthy winner of this year's Celebrity Big Brother.



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