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Nic Ladds 4th Jun 2010 - 16:21

Britain’s Got Talent final preview

This time last year, everyone was expecting that Susan Boyle would be crowned winner of Britain's Got Talent 2009.

Little did they know that dance troupe Diversity would shock the nation and upset the odds by winning in dramatic circumstances.

Can an act repeat that feat this year and beat hot favourites Spelbound?

As we have had a live semi-final every day this week, here is a round-up of all the acts, just in case you missed any of them, and their realistic chances of being crowned champions of this year's competition.



In semi-final one on Monday, the winners were Spelbound. The gymnastic group from Middlesex once again wowed the studio audience with a wide variety of mind-bending stunts.

They have been outright favourites from the very first time they hit our screens and have remained there ever since, and rightly so. The sheer athleticism on display when this group of highly talented individuals are on stage puts the crowd through emotions from shock and awe to incredulity.

If they can bring a new performance to the table in this final and keep up the highest possible standards that they have set out in their two previous acts then I really cant see any other act coming anywhere near them in the final.

The rest of these previews will purely rest on the basis of Spelbound somehow underperforming as without some sort of miracle, they will be the ones performing for the Queen in December.

Spelbound - 10/11

Tobias Mead

The runner-up in the first semi-final was Tobias Mead. It is quite hard to define exactly what Tobias is; I think the phrase 'body-popping, robotic street dancer' seems to fit quite well. Ever since his first audition with his 'two head' dance (that could only make sense if you saw it), I was looking forward to seeing what he could come up with.

In the end I was a little disappointed with his live performance. It just didn't quite have the same 'wow' factor that we saw in his first audition. It all seemed a little disjointed and desperate and was nowhere near the best dance act left in the competition.

The odds seem to agree with me and although he is undoubtedly a talented young man, and could get a few votes from the housewives out there, I think there are just too many stronger acts left in.

Ever since George Sampson won in season two, solo dancers have a lot to live up to and I can't see another winning this year.

Tobias Mead - 33/1

Tina and Chandi

The winner of Tuesday's heat were Tina and Chandi, arguably the best and most successful dog act we have ever seen on the show. At third favourites, I do think the act is bit over-estimated but it is undoubtedly the most talented amateur dog I have ever seen.

My main gripe with this act is its unpredictability. At the end of the day this act relies on a dog dancing and if the dog suffered from stage fright or just did not feel like performing on the night, their chances are blown.

Also I do think there is only so far this act can go. It has been successful at Crufts in the past and after two auditions, as entertaining as they have been - I find it hard to see a huge performance that can win them the final.

Tina and Chandi - 15/2



The runners up on Tuesday were Connected, a young baby-faced band consisting of a set of twins, Conor and Miles, two brothers, Harry and Max and one unrelated member called Matt. Although not my favourite act of the season these boys clearly have a following and a market that would pick up the phone and vote.

The teen cheesy boy band is not usually something us Brits go for, it is often a mass-produced American phenomenon but this group certainly got the crowd to their feet and are liked enough by the judges who put them through.

Although not among the favourites, I think if these young lads can handle the big occasion and really put on a performance they are certainly worth an outside punt. I am wary of the nerves though as some voices did sound a bit shaky at the start in both of their auditions.

Connected - 25/1

Paul Burling

In the third night of semi-final's the winner was Paul Burling - the impressionist from Bristol. When he walked out in his first audition and told the judges about how he was paid to leave the stage in a working men's club doing impressions in the past, not many people fancied his chances.

As soon as he burst in to his impression of Harry Hill and various cartoon characters, the crowd instantly warmed to him. In his live semi-final, he once again used Harry Hill to lead in to other impressions which did work but now he must be careful not to milk it.

Paul is certainly a good impressionist and a likeable guy but would I really put him among favourite to win this year's competition? Perhaps not, but as with a lot of the acts I think if he can come up with something groundbreaking and original in the final then  I think he has the fan base to pick up some votes.

My worry is whether this act is right to perform for the Royal Family. I agree he is good at what he does and has a future in the business but I am slightly dubious as to whether he can win.

Paul Burling - 7/1


Christopher Stone

The judges took a risk putting Christopher Stone through on Wednesday. Affectionately referred to as 'the singing accountant', Christopher Stone is certainly an impressive solo singer but he does suffer from nerves big time. In his first audition he barely got through the song but did look a lot more confident in his live semi-final which led the judges to take a risk by allowing him a chance in the final.

This act does bear comparisons to Paul Potts from the first season, a nervous man in a mundane job using the show as a way out and I think if he can put on a huge performance he is another one to consider as an outside bet should Spelbound do the unthinkable.

If Christopher can overcome any final jitters and put on the performance of a lifetime for the nation, I am confident he can pick up plenty of votes.

Christopher Stone - 33/1


Janey Cutler

In the penultimate semi-final, it was OAP singer Janey Cutler from Scotland that impressed the viewers with her huge voice for such a small woman. Janey is such a likeable personality with an infectious laugh she has a huge following.

She is right among the favourites to go on and win and as the judges said in her audition, the Queen would surely love her.

At 81 years old, this really is Janey's last chance to shine and after Piers labelled her performance on Thursday as the best performance of the whole week - she shot right among the favourites, a place she thoroughly deserves.

Janey Cutler - 8/1

Twist and Pulse

Dancing duo Twist and Pulse were sent through by the judges on Thursday after being fancied to win the heat outright. Mixing street dancing with humour and some well mixed music they really shocked a lot of people, including me, as to how good they actually were.

They have used a 'cheeky girl' skit in both routines that has been picked up on by the judges so I hope they can keep their dance fresh and original in the final. They are highly entertaining and really get the crowd going but as far as winning it goes, I am again not sure this act is quite good enough.

I am sure the day jobs at B&Q can be given up though, but I think winning it could be a bit of a stretch for these lads.

Twist and Pulse - 16/1

Kieron Gaffney

The winner of the fifth and final semi-final was young drummer Kieron Gaffney. He wowed the judges with his drumming performance full of energy. In his first audition, he came on with his parents in a disastrous attempt at a family band but his drumming skills really came apparent when he performed on his own and sailed through. In what was quite a weak group of auditions, Keiron certainly shone above the rest.

As with a lot of the other acts, I find it tricky to see a solo drummer having the range of skills to impress one last time and win the competition.

Kieron Gaffney - 10/1

Liam McNally

My personal outside tip from the very start was the final act to make it to Saturday's live final. Liam McNally surprisingly needed the judges to see him through after another stunning vocal performance. A lot has been made of Liam's longevity in the industry as his high pitched vocals will not be with him for much longer but that is almost irrelevant in this competition, as long as he can keep it up one last time then I think he will be at least in the final three.

His price looks good considering the buzz and reaction when he gets up and sings - if he can produce a huge performance that gets the crowd on their feet in the final and Spelbound somehow fail to impress - Liam is the one to win for me.

Liam McNally - 14/1



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