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Nic Ladds 19th Jul 2009 - 12:23

Could this girl Bea Halfwit's downfall?

Freddie has been favourite through most of Big Brother now and it was eagerly awaited to see if a flurry of new housemates would change this but no, 'Halfwit' still remains favourite at odds of 2/1.

Things seem to be panning out nicely for Freddie with first Kris then another enemy in Karly getting evicted and not only that, he wasn't even nominated last week.

As smug as he may now be feeling, this could work against him as he goes from being the object of public sympathy to just another seriously irritating housemate who thinks too much of themselves.

We've covered previously all about his chances and most of the other housemates and our betting portfolio on Big Brother is now looking healthy as Sophie who was advised last time at 9/4 for top female now looking solid at odds of 10/11 to scoop that accolade (it's amazing how a public dumping can turn you in to a saint).

So with the vile Lisa still being vile at 80/1, 33/1 Marcus becoming stranger and stranger as his obsession for 20/1 chance Noirin grows and Charlie and Rodrigo bitching and arguing with each other constantly (7/1 and 8/1 respectively), the most likely winner still looks like ultra cool Siavash at 3/1.

So what of these new housemates? How will they affect everyone's favourite thing the "social dynamics" of the group? It looks highly unlikely any of them will win but they can certainly ruffle a few feathers.

Most significant of the newbies could be Bea who on her introduction video marketed herself to be a hippy who loves everyone, has been involved in an orgy and enjoys a spot of recreational drug taking.

She seems the most affable of the new housemates and her and Freddie have unsurprisingly made a connection as they are both toffs with their heads in the clouds.

This has resulted with her being put in at short odds of 12/1 simply through association with Halfwit and not coming across as a spoilt, infuriating thick waste of space (step forward new 50/1 shot housemate Hira).

This "friendship" with Freddie will most likely make or break his chance of winning for sure as he has already said he fancies her and Charlie and Sophie went and told Bea much to her apparent shock.

If Freddie isolates himself with the new housemate then his odds will start to drift and there is every chance that these two could become the most annoying duo to watch since Barry and Paul Chuckle were in their heyday.

Hira who was manically booed on her arrival was given the task of making sure Noirin and Freddie are nominated this week of the new housemates all face the public vote.

She neither understood the task nor could carry out Big Brother's instructions to "pick up the hamper it's for the whole house" and if she fails the task (which she will) is more than likely to be making a quick trip back to obscurity.

David seems likeable enough and has immediately aligned himself with Charlie and Lisa (the other gay people in the house) and this will ultimately be to his downfall as anything that goes near Lisa develops an uncontrollable urge to moan and sit around scowling - best left alone at 33/1.

Kenneth is Karly's boyfriend who came in just before she got evicted and he is clearly uber-intelligent, thinks a lot of himself (shock), is fairly wealthy and looks extremely geeky (we can't help but be baffled by what on earth the attractive but mouthy, poor Scottish girl sees in rich Kenneth).

He looks certain to get some backs up and could be entertaining to watch but in quoting Chinese philosophers in the diary room he is alienating himself from the British public immediately.

He also must thinks he looks like Mike Tyson as he says Freddie is intimidated by him, but spouting long words and quoting philosophy at Halfwit is more likely to get him aroused than have him fearing for his status in the house and Kenneth is likely to be reunited with his gold digging, sorry loving girlfriend sooner than he thinks - leave alone at 40/1.

The final newbie is Tom who looks like he has been sculpted out of stone due to the fact he appears to be made entirely of muscle and his less-than riveting personality.

He will get the girls in the house in a fluster though along with the teenage girls voting for Big Brother and it is marvellous to see Marcus telling everyone he's only been put in to annoy him and how he can't wait to 'take Tom down' - unless he plans to challenge him to a 'who's got the worst haircut' competition he won't be beating this man mountain at anything and he won't win at 25/1 but could get a good run.

It is about time they put some new meat in to the house as it was starting to become seriously dull as well as irritating but this should at least provide some entertainment.

From a punting perspective it will make for fascinating viewing how Bea affects Freddie's odds and should he start to drift, Siavash will be there to take his place at the head of the market so a bet on him at 3/1 could be the call for those looking to invest further.

Already advised:

Sophie for top female - 9/4

Freddie to win - 9/1

Marcus to win - 20/1

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