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Nic Ladds 29th Oct 2009 - 13:08

Danyl ready for a rock shock

After the dismissal of Miss Frank last week and former long-time favourite Danyl finding himself in the bottom two, punters will be wondering if odds of 6/4 about Rachel going are best avoided?

Danyl has seen his odds slashed significantly this week to go, 12/1 is on offer about the big-mouthed, filling showing, face pulling crooner getting the chop this week, and while he is undoubtedly one of the best singers in the competition he lacks that all-important ingredient - public likability.

His confidence is clearly coming across as arrogance and the voters aren't interested in his great voice (we have said many a time before this is NOT a singing contest but a popularity contest featuring some singing), so he could quite easily find himself in the bottom two again (3/1), but will most likely be saved.

Rachel is understandably favourite to go at 6/4 and again, on performance she would be safe and it is possible her new, softer image may have saved her for a couple of weeks, but with the field getting smaller, it is hard to see her beating many out if she was in the bottom two.

Lloyd Daniels is 9/4 second favourite to go but this writer is sticking to his guns that Lloyd or "Baby Becks" as some have dubbed him is too popular to be in a sing off, and his continued weak performances border on being irrelevant as his army of teenage fans continue to pick up the phones to keep him in.

John and Edward are still immensely entertaining and if there is any substance behind the rumours that last week they topped the phone vote then they are more than safe for another couple of weeks. They are drifting to a backable as odds of 7/2 to go do carry appeal as IF they are in the bottom two, the judges will get rid of them, but they, like Lloyd get the public voting and they look safe for this week.

So, who on earth is going to go this week with only the market leaders left? Joe (66/1 to go), Olly (33/1) and Stacey (25/1) look safe as all have got better and better with each week and all are liked by the public.

Lucie (20/1) is looking second best behind Stacey but she was outstanding last week and Simon's negative comments towards her seem to have had a positive reaction from the public, although with it being rock week, it will be interesting to see how she handles something which isn't in the mould of a power ballad and she could be a fair outside shout for bottom two at 9/2.

That leaves us with Jamie Afro who at 5/2 for bottom two or 9/1 for elimination looks vulnerable despite this potentially being his strongest week, with something rocky set to suit his gravelly voice.

Is has been made public knowledge though that getting his song changed at the last minute has knocked his confidence and that he can't stop thinking about possibly having to make changes again at the last minute. Olly has improved past him and with the less popular but better singer Danyl in his group also, he could be worth a bet for elimination at 9/1.

Very tough week and my firm belief is that both Lloyd and John and Edward are safe through huge public support, although should one of them end up in the bottom two there is little doubt they will be out.

Wouldn't put anyone off a bet on Rachel at 6/4 but at bigger odds, Jamie at 9/1, Danyl at 12/1 and to a lesser extent Lucie at 20/1 all could be under threat and having seen that Danyl is polling very badly as the least favourite act for a lot of people a bet on him to finish in the bottom two at 3/1 is the tentative call.


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