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Nic Ladds 13th Jun 2009 - 20:49

Don't sit and suffer, have a punt on Big Brother

Yes Big Brother is back! It's more nights of finding yourself drawn to it against your better judgement then having to dash in to the shower to wash the shame off. Do not fear though as if there is betting involved there is money to be made.

We already have an early favourite in the shape of Brazilian Rodrigo at 7/2 in the betting. This smiling, bisexual youngster became favourite immediately he went in due to his affable nature and boyish good looks.

However it is often financial suicide piling on the favourite in these type of programmes early doors (see Susan Boyle) and therefore we can make something good (money) out of something very bad (Big Brother).

Who are the other candidates that stand in the not so mighty Rodrigo's way then?

We have the standard mix of races, sexualities, oddballs, obnoxious bullies and timid nice ones.

We already have three housemates gone - one didn't get in (Beinazir), one has been evicted (Sophia) and one has walked (Saffia), so you can be sure some more housemates will be thrown in sooner rather than later.

So we may as well have a look at each one and their chances, we've already profiled Rodrigo so onwards!

Charlie 7/1 - an over excitable gay, Geordie in the mould of previous winner Brian Dowling. He is good looking, friendly and is unlikely to get too mixed up in a lot of aggressive confrontation but he chats enough to be noticed and is a live contender.

Noirin 7/1 - the first housemate that got in to the house along with Rodrigo, she seems a lot more intelligent and sweet than her profile video suggested. Most naturally pretty girl in the house but very quiet and likely to be voted out through being boring.

Angel 7/1 - one of the most interesting contenders as she came in to the house as a huge outsider. As I write this, this Russian boxer is shaving, yes shaving her face/forehead in the bathroom.

A serious oddball but seems to be well liked so far by the public, unlikely to be involved in explosive arguments (we certainly wouldn't mess with her) and "different" enough to have that something about her that the public love - a live contender so far providing she doesn't walk which given her 'loner' status is a possibility.

Freddie aka Halfwit 9/1 - This eccentric toff along with another housemate has had his name legally changed to Halfwit for what you assume is the duration of the programme.

He generally comes across as happy, amusing, quirky and honest. Immensely well liked judging by public polls and plays the part of bumbling fool perfectly. Sure to have a long run in the house and could be a cracking bet if Rodrigo fails to carry on being 'cute' enough to hold favouritism.

Kris 10/1 - the 'good looking straight male' in the house, has already started a relationship with one of the bottle blondes in the house which is likely to annoy many housemates. Will have a good run but unlikely winner unless his romantic partner gets evicted soon.

Siavash 10/1 - insanely arrogant Iranian promoter (who looks exactly like the Fonejacker) who thinks he is the best looking man on the planet. Quoted often as saying all the housemates fancy him and his arrogant attitude will need to be reeled in if he is to have any chance.

Cairon 14/1 - partners in crime with Siavash, this 18-year-old American has already been extremely confrontational and unless things change will rub too many up the wrong way and his immaturity will shine through to his downfall.

Sophie aka Dogface 14/1 - has had her name permanently changed to Dogface and is in the romance with Kris. The fake boobs and blond hair entertain the fellas in the house but she doesn't have the profile to win and won't last more than a couple of weeks unless this romance she's embarked on somehow intrigues the public.

Lisa 20/1 - tattoos, piercings a Mohawk and constant talk about sex. This very out lesbian is from what we've seen very aggressive and doesn't suffer fools gladly. She will get in many an argument and her profile just doesn't fit that of a Big Brother winner.

Karly 20/1 - the other 'pretty blond' who gets less air time because of Dogface's relationship. May get the Scottish vote (being Scottish) but spends too much time looking in the mirrors and unless she is hiding a personality will be out as soon as she is put up.

Marcus 20/1 - an interesting outsider. This wannabe porn star who styles his hair like Wolverine (we know, where do they find them) hasn't been given much air time yet but seems pally enough with everyone so far. He doesn't appear confrontational, and while he may have to work a little harder to not get put up for eviction, is one the public could grow to love as one of the more interesting oddballs of the pack.

Sree 25/1 - no chance. Highly annoying, got in arguments with nearly the whole house at some point and for a virgin is extremely pervy/lecherous. The public don't like him and will be gone soon.

So that's the current house, there will surely be more housemates put in/taken out which will mix up the betting and change the perspective of things as it's early days.

As it's so early these profiles could change in an instant along with the odds but if you fancy a punt now, Freddie (or Halfwit) looks a solid bet at 9/1 and Marcus at 20/1 is a lively outsider.

Hopefully a winning wager on this will ease the pain of being sucked in to watching this drivel, and a bet on it will give you an excuse as to why your mates have busted you watching it...again.

Don't forget we have a host of other markets which are Top Male, Top Female and Gender of winner.

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