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Nic Ladds 5th Jul 2009 - 12:44

Halfwit not looking so stupid now

We're a good way in to Big Brother now and hopefully you took some of the 9/1 on offer about Freddie (aka Halfwit) advised a couple of weeks ago as the eccentric toff is now 6/4 favourite in the betting.

The highly irritating but strangely likeable Halfwit has been up for eviction four weeks in a row and he has survived with ease every time much to the irritation of a selection of the housemates.

He is odd and definitely rattles on about the "social workings" of the house too much and it is not hard to see why he is up every week, however a lot of what he says is right and the public love a victim which is what he has really become. Whether he can be put up every week and survive remains to be seen.

A clear divide has formed in the Big Brother house now where a horrendous group of individuals which includes three that have no chance which are the most boring man on the planet Kris (50/1), gravelly voiced, moaning Brummie lesbian Lisa (40/1) and attractive but childish, broadly Scottish Karly (25/1).

Then the unfortunate Sophie (aka Dog face) who may have a chance if her odious romantic interest Kris gets evicted soon as she genuinely seems to be a nice girl who has been conditioned to do what her peer group tell her and the 20/1 on offer could shorten if Kris goes - and he will, one of the more amusing quotes on a Big Brother forum was that of "If Kris was up for eviction against Ian Huntley and Pete Sutcliffe he would win hands down".

While that may be a little extreme, you get the idea of just how much this thoroughly dislikeable character is detested by the public who are baying for his blood now that the deluded, trouble making prat that was Sree is gone.

The other member of their "crew" is gay Geordie Charlie but he seems a lot more affable than the rest of his brood and is regularly seen winding up Rodrigo and being freaked out by Freddie and as a result is one of the front runners at 4/1 in the betting.

Charlie has formed a bizarre love-hate relationship with Brazilian Rodrigo where they argue incessantly, wind each other up to the point of rage and while the latter is also priced at 4/1 he showed a different side of himself the other night when both members participated in the most heinous of Big Brother crimes - stealing drinks.

The Brazilian bisexual saw Charlie and Kris take the drinks, demanded some then flat out denied being involved and blamed the whole thing on Charlie and did his utmost to make him look bad to everyone. If this slyness and desperateness continues to creep through his odds will start to drift rapidly.

Noirin who has been stalked at some point by most members of the house flits from angelic, pretty Irish girl to evil, mean bitch in seconds and it is this second side that will ensure she doesn't win at 14/1 although she may be kept in a while as she has entered a bizarre relationship with Marcus.

This outspoken Wolverine wannabe who has come out with the best quote so far of "Until I came in here I didn't think there was anyone out there cooler than me". Absolute genius from one of the most deluded men around.

He has developed an unhealthy obsession with Noirin but he has absolutely no chance romantically and he has boarded on being called racist after his brilliant argument with Sree and in turn Big Brother.

In this instance though he appeared to speak some sense once you'd cut through all the babbling and he is seriously entertaining, though he is priced at 16/1 as he will surely be up for eviction sooner rather than later as apart from being a plonker, if up against Freddie which is highly possible he will have no chance.

The final character who is perhaps looking the most likely winner now could be 7/2 chance Siavash who has remained cool amidst all the fighting and screaming and seems to be liked for the most part.

Don't let the fact that he looks constantly stoned fool you, he is one of the more intelligent housemates (what an accolade) and unlike Freddie knows for the most part when to keep his mouth shut and as a result avoids confrontation.

Kris' crew may well decide to all vote for him as it may be a 'him or us' situation and his alliance with Freddie will not endear him to them but for those who are looking to get involved now he could well be your man.

Things could yet take a twist though as we have still not had a replacement housemate for Saffia who walked out early doors and that will certainly mix up the betting.

In one of the other markets that William Hill are offering, a decent bet looks Sophie for top female at 9/4 over 11/8 favourite Noirin as she avoids most of the confrontation and as soon as Kris goes she will finally be free of that burden and get to show housemates she actually is a nice, sweet girl who could end up having a decent run of things.


Sophie for top female - 9/4

(Already advised)

Freddie - 9/1

Marcus - 20/1

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For those who missed it, here is one of the best moments so far of this year's Big Brother - as much of a fool as Marcus is rarely is Big Brother shown up.


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