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Nic Ladds 18th Nov 2008 - 14:00

I'm A Celebrity...hunting for value as the Z-list show begins

If your idea of a good time is watching Robert Kilroy-Silk eat his body weight in animal excrement (I know mine is) then you are in for a treat. Yes I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (IMACGMOOH) is back and the "celebs" are looking even more Z - list than previous years.

We're only two days in and we have already seen the return of Bush Tucker trials, treasure hunts and tears, along with Ant and Dec who can be seen desperately trying to keep straight faces as the "celebs" embarrass themselves on national television.

Sounds grim? Perhaps, but every cloud has a silver lining and IMACGMOOH's is that there is money to be made. Yes there are plenty of betting opportunities to add a bit of spice if you are already a fan or to give you something to cheer get involved in through those tedious winter nights.

Before we start punting away, best meet the "celebrities" that will be gracing our screens for the next few weeks and see where the value lies: 



Famous For?

Brian Paddick


Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London. Formerly UK's most senior openly gay police officer

Carly Zucker


Being Joe Cole's girlfriend

Dani Behr


TV Presenter, Lads Mag favourite, former WAG

Esther Rantzen


TV Presenter, talk show host, creator of child line

George Takei


Playing Sulu in Star Trek

Joe Swash


Playing 'cheeky chappy' Micky Miller in Eastenders

Martina Navratilova


Widely recognised as greatest female tennis player ever

Nicola McLean


Page 3 glamour model and WAG

Robert Kilroy-Silk


Former talk show host, former TV presenter, former leader of the UK Independence Party

Simon Webbe


Former member of boy band 'Blue'

So, where should we be putting our money? Like most reality shows the voting is done through phone voting by the general public who are a notoriously fickle bunch and some strange decisions often cause upsets, (John Sergeant's extended run in Strictly Come Dancing or Laura's eviction from X-Factor are two recent examples). As a result of this it is best to stay away from the shorter prices as say one wrong thing or get a bad edit on a particular show and you could be gone.

Joe Swash is the early 7/4 favourite and rightly so on first look at the line up due to being a young male with an already established fan base and a 'cheeky' persona. However soap stars have faired abysmally in reality shows and it is this trend that makes him worth taking on.

George Takei has come for a huge amount of support since the start of the show as he is fun, quirky, different to all the others and just generally seems pleased to be there which makes for entertaining viewing. However he is unlikely to get into much conflict and ultimately the people who come out best of any conflicts usually do very well.

He may also get quite annoying, what starts as entertaining gets boring after not long (Kathreya in the last Big Brother held favouritism nearly the whole way but just started to get irritating and sure enough did not win). As a result the 3/1 about Mr Sulu, sorry Mr Takei are best left alone.

Paddick, Zucker and McLean stand no chance. They have no fan base; women are unlikely to like them (women being the vast majority of voters) and are priced accordingly.

The two interesting ones for winner are Dani Behr and Martina Navratilova. Both are strong women who will stand up for themselves, will both have their fans already, both seem to have things to say and both could act as 'mother' to the younger celebs. At the prices 10/1 about Dani Behr make more appeal. Either way, both should stick around till the end.

For first eviction the odious Robert "To share or to shaft" Kilroy - Silk is the red-hot favourite at 11/4 but that is definitely worth taking on. Kilroy will whip up controversy and start arguments with everyone but that makes for entertaining viewing. Hard as it is to believe Kilroy will have his fans before this show.

The value lies with Carly Zucker at 9/2. She has already failed a task, is disliked by some of the camp, has no fan base, virtually nothing to say and certainly doesn't fit the profile of a winner. Bank on Ms Zucker to be back in Joe Cole's arms before you can say Prada Handbag.

Recommended Bets:
Dani Behr to win 10/1
Carly Zucker to be evicted first 9/2


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