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Nic Ladds 10th Dec 2008 - 13:56

JLS will sing while you're winning

What do you think when you hear the names Aston, Marvin, Ortise and JB? No they're weren't members of Top Cat's crew, they are Jack The Lad Swing, better known as JLS and soon to be known as the 2008 winners of The X Factor.

"You fool, you know nothing!" I hear you cry, and yes Alexandra Burke may be the 4/7 red-hot favourite but at 3/1 JLS have been steadily backed over the weeks; in turn the Irish Diana-lover Eoghan Quigg has steadily drifted to 7/2 outsider despite the tears and love-triangle intrigue.

JLS can complete the upset by singing their collective socks off on Saturday and making Louis Walsh pull one of his odd faces resembling something that I'm guessing he would call joy.

The unfortunate mantle of groups doing badly in The X Factor appeared to be continuing when the other two (admittedly abysmal) girl groups were voted off in the first and second weeks. However, JLS are different. They've got pizzazz, they've got the look and they can actually sing and sing well.

It will be fascinating to watch the betting in-running which will be available throughout the show, as a good first performance should see their price tumble

Alexandra is a fantastic singer, sure, and she is rightly favourite given the profile of previous winners but 4/7 is very short in such an open contest. Perhaps too short. While we know she can sing, can you actually remember any particular songs she has done?

When Leona Lewis won, everyone could remember her performances for weeks afterwards but with Alexandra, most people seem to know she sang well but have no recollection of what it was.

An interesting market on offer is the forecast bets where we can predict the first and second in order. JLS-Alexandra at 5/1 is the most obvious and 5/1 is a reasonable price. JLS-Eoghan is a huge 12/1.

This is simply due to the short price about Alexandra but there is a very real chance she could finish third if JLS maintain their obvious fan base and the multi-voters come out again in force for Eoghan.

JLS have the momentum, they have got better and better throughout the show while Alex has always been consistently good without drawing great acclaim and Eoghan is by far the worst singer but has the multi-voting teenage girls in his corner.


Separated at birth? Can't be. Chucky's four years older

Whether the Chucky look-alike's relationship with Diana will help or hinder him remains to be seen. Maybe she will do some of her bizarre hand movements back stage and cast a spell for him because it looks like that's what it will take for the Irish warbler to win.


Just a week before the final JLS were set to play a gig to just 150 people but around 2000 were that desperate to get in that there was a crush and some girls were taken to hospital. That is a group with a proper fan base who have the ability to generate hysteria of the like last seen when Take That were at their peak.

Add to this reports that JLS topped The X Factor vote last week and you have yourself a very solid looking bet.

The things are shaping up, Eoghan will be the first to go at 11/10 and will leave JLS and Alexandra to battle it out. Female solo artists are plentiful at the moment and Alexandra is simply not as good as Leona whose shadow she will be living in.

Not since Boyz II Men have we had a group like JLS and with a lack of young, hip, successful boy bands around at the moment this is the perfect chance for JLS to fill that void.

Take the 5/1 about a JLS-Alexandra finishing first and second and you'll be singing the winner's song Hallelujah because you've just made a lot of extra Christmas money along with the soulful, charismatic boys from London who will be victorious.

Eoghan to finish third - 11/10
Predict the 1st and 2nd - JLS-Alexandra - 5/1

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