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Michael Taylor 28th May 2010 - 14:42

Spelbound Britain's best this year

The fourth series of Britain's Got Talent has taken us from the obscure to the obsolete, to terrible from terrific yet after all but one audition shows only one name stands out - that of Spelbound.

The magnificent gymnasts from the heart of Ashton, Middlesex wowed judges and crowd alike with their extraordinary repertoire of balancing, somersaulting and flipping as they signalled themselves out from the all too many street dancing troupes.

Their introduction to the series may have come early (week 2) but the impression they've made has certainly lasted with the betting very much reflecting the lack of a genuine rival.

Spelbound started as favourites and that's where they remain to the day - I can't be alone in thinking they still represent massive value at 3/1 though.

The real proof of the pudding comes when you look further down in the betting, more specifically at second favourite Liam McNally and third favourites Connected.

Let's start with angel voiced McNally and his rendition of the classic Danny Boy.

First and foremost it was a great solo performance from a kid that has the all-important likeability factor.

However, and pardon the pun, when you look deeper he's actually not much more than an unusually high pitched 14-year-old whose ability could massively drop during the live shows if fate bares its ugly head.

Simon Cowell gave him a rather generous six to nine months, which would at least see him through the shows, the Queen though may wind up listening to a former Soprano turned pubescent teenager - and I don't think anybody would enjoy that scenario.

No doubt he'll have his backers and a final place is pretty much a given, I'm just not confident he represents any sort of value at 5/1.

As for the third favs Connected you may as well throw your money down the drain as far as I'm concerned.

Parents may disagree but five kids, dressed by their mums and singing dated pop songs does not a great band make.

Piers and Amanda adored them, Simon pitied them. I simply think their particular brand of music belongs in a school assembly or a local youth club than the Royal Albert Hall - but maybe I'm just an old cynic who still remembers his dislike of the Backstreet Boys to this very day.

Anyway they're available at 8/1 and if you're anything like me you won't be taking any piece of that.

The other 8/1 shot though, Olivia Archibold, carries far more weight after her flawless performance of Sarah Mclachlan's Arms Of The Angel.

She may have been trembling throughout but you couldn't tell as she blew everyone away and instantly installed herself as one of the favourites and the leading girl in a massively male orientated market.

Nerves could still play a big factor and that has to be the big worry after seeing Holly Steel's complete meltdown in the series three semi-finals, however she has a few years on her and I believe she can light it up again.

Aside from Spelbound and Olivia I'm struggling for inspiration so there is room for a latecomer but I just have no idea where it's coming from.

Nevertheless I'm still sweating with excitement over one of the best TV weeks of the year and while it may lack the Susan Boyle factor that made last year so special it should still make for engrossing TV.

What's more, with William Hill you'll have all the betting opportunities to make your viewing even more pleasurable - why not start enjoying it now?



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