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Nic Ladds 22nd Nov 2009 - 12:32

The Price certainly isn't right - not by a long shot

It won't be surprise to anyone that Katie Price has entered the jungle and set about turning this in to a one girl show, a move which has seen her odds plummet and she is currently 4/1 favourite.

Let's face it, Price has never been camera shy and with over-acting, panic attacks and a "poor me" angle to work now, she is in her element and is lapping it up like Joe Bugner laps up picking on other camp members, (that's other contestants as opposed to Justin and Colin).

Her price is most likely conjured by the fact she has been voted to do every Bushtucker Trial but lets make no mistake, the British public do not like her and while she is manipulative and the most recognisable, a stint in this show is unlikely to change anyone's opinion of her and she is best left at 4/1 as this looks teed up for the public dumping on her as soon as they get bored of watching her squirm.

Bad trans-sexual lookalike Bugner came in and a few of the other "celebrities" were actually awe-struck with a boxing legend in the mix but he has turned out to be a scare-mongering bully who will be out as soon as he isn't protected by immunity and his odds of 50/1 reflect how little chance he has.

Colin and Justin who are both 16/1 for glory, have both emerged as dark horses. Justin has had plenty of camera time and standing up alone to Bugner the bully will curry him lots of favour and his price seems ludicrous, especially when "wallpaper" contestants (ones who are just there doing nothing) like Sam Fox and Jimmy White are 5/1 and 6/1 respectively for glory.

Colin meanwhile is not as confrontational as his partner but comes across as extremely witty and when one of them is evicted the other will get the sympathy vote as they struggle to hold it together without their sole mate there etc etc, so backing either of these at 16/1 looks a smart move.

Our early selection Stuart Manning has done nothing to suggest he has a personality as yet and he can now be backed at 25/1 to win while Sabrina at 20/1 falls under the same category as Sam, Jimmy and Stuart in that they are about as entertaining to watch as John Major reading the dictionary.

Lucy Benjamin has proved to be the nice, warm girl everyone thought she would be and is sure to be like by the public but homesickness combined with a possible elimination this week against strong opposition could put paid to her chances and 10/1 looks about right.

George Hamilton has proved a delight to watch, he is very funny, very caring and the public will no doubt love the old boy but foreigners don't tend to win these shows and he has been steadily backed in to 7/1 and as he is exempt from nearly every trial this may count against him as everyone has to pay their dues at some point and do a trial.

One who came out of her trial with flying colours was Kim who may still be one of the most annoying campmates ever as she seems to say "Luvvie" every third word and adores making a fuss over nothing, but in the eating challenge she and Katie had to eat such delicacies as fish eyes, cockroaches and testicles (insert your own joke here) and she managed all of them which means she doesn't mind getting stuck in but the market reaction to this looks over the top and she is plenty short enough at 8/1.

Finally Gino  who has flirted with favouritism and is now settled as 9/2 second favourite and he like most TV chefs seems to have a bit of a temper and moans a lot, but the day time watchers will be loving him but ultimately the inner arrogance he has like all his chefing counterparts will ultimately be his downfall.

Whether the public will keep on making Katie do the trials or not remains to be seen but how this harridan is favourite is beyond me and if you're with me on thinking courage and niceness will win through in the end, get on (betting wise not literally) Colin and Justin both at 16/1 who have the charisma to outlast all the other moaners, bullies and those who may as well not be there.


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