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Nic Ladds 10th Jan 2009 - 3:46

The show must (unfortunately) go on

Lucy Pinder was the first to leave the mad house on Friday and we are now left with a rag-tag collection of wannabes, used-to-bes and nobodies for the next couple of weeks with Verne "Mini-me" Troyer still favourite at odds of 5/6 in the betting.

Mr Troyer (jokes aside) is probably a little short (ha ha) in the betting as he does seem genuinely likeable but doesn't really do much apart from be small and remind us of Austin Powers.

So let's see if we can unearth some value amongst this celebrity graveyard.

Someone who won't win and that is the most teeth-grindingly irritating woman in the world Tina Malone who makes me want to pull my ears off every time she talks.

She's always moaning about everything and constantly saying "I can be really nasty" and "You don't want to mess with me" or the number one most annoying thing she says, "I don't mean to be funny but..." Good. Because you're not.

She is yet to do anything other than whine and still has to convince us they didn't base her Shameless character on her. Don't even consider her at 33/1 to win.

The biggest drifter has been Coolio who certainly doesn't seem to be living in any kind of paradise, let alone a gangsters one, as he continues to annoy virtually everyone.

He is immensely entertaining though and at 33/1 could be worth a few of your hard-earned pennies as, while he is sure to be voted up for nomination by his housemates, if the public have any sense they will keep him in as he's highly watchable in a through-your-fingers kind of way.

Elsewhere Ulrika-ka-ka-ka and Terry Christian have been arguing about not much but, for our viewing pleasure, a big row is on the horizon which will no doubt result in more tears from Swede and the pair are 14/1 and 8/1 respectively in the betting to win.

Tommy Sheridan still has no chance at 50/1. Michelle Heaton at 25/1 seems to only be in there to say stupid things and be in this 'blossoming romance' with 4/1 second favourite Ben Adams who is ultra nice but ultra dull.

There is of course nothing going on between these two although hints of a previous romance have surfaced from the "glory" days when Ben was camping it up in boy band A1 and Michelle could actually sing in pop group Liberty X.

This just leaves Mutya Buena and LeToya Jackson who are 14/1 and 10/1 respectively.

Both are interesting contenders as LeToya, who looks alarming like her brother Michael, has been a really good sport in the house, taken part in everything, not kicked up any fusses and seems liked and respected by the rest of the house.

Mutya may look like a tattooed bulldog wearing a dress but I'm really starting to like her. Seems genuine, no malice in her actions, comes across as pretty laid back and easy to get on with.

She should already have a bit of a fan base from her 'Sugababes' days and at a healthy 14/1 to win looks the best bet. She can pip LaToya in the top female market also at 11/4.

This year has actually been a lot more watchable than previous years (probably because Jade Goody is nowhere to be seen) with the tasks being quite amusing and Coolio irritating the hell out of everyone!

It's ok, you can admit it, you're going to miss it when it's finished in two weeks aren't you?! Nah, neither are we but we've got to get our betting fun somewhere in January.

Mutya Buena to win - 14/1

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