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Rupert Wyman 18th Feb 2010 - 19:51

Who killed Archie Mitchell?

It's what everyone is talking about as we will finally find out during Friday's live episode of East Enders who killed Archie Mitchell on Christmas Day. The list of suspects is endless, but who do you think killed the ageing schemer?

Here we give you a rundown on the main suspects and their motives. (Prices correct a time of publication and will fluctuate a lot. View the latest prices here)


Ben Mitchell 5/2

Phil's young son, all sweet and innocent? The odds don't seem to suggest so. Ben will have wanted to prove to his Dad that he is a real Mitchell following previously showing a liking for dancing. Ben would have also been annoyed at the deal brokered between him and Ian to give the Mitchells a further week to pay Ian back collapsed as a result of Archie blackmailing Ian.


Sean Slater 7/2

Where was Sean on the night of the murder? That is the question. He never liked Archie when he went out with Roxy with his father-in-laws constant interfering. If Stacey has told him about Archie raping her which resulted in her becoming pregnant then the psycho would definitely have wanted to kill him, given his previous track record.


Jean Slater 5/1

A killer often needs mental instability and Jean has this in abundance. Her motive would be the raping of her daughter Stacey, can this mild mannered and friendly, but if odd, lady have really committed such a crime?


Joel Reynolds 6/1

Archie denied Joel and Ronnie happiness with their daughter Danielle. Could Ronnie's former flame have returned to kill off the old man?


Becca Swanson 8/1

In Thursday's episode Stacey's friend, Becca, told Ronnie about Archie raping Stacey. She then had an argument with Bradley and told the police about the rape. Are these signs of guilt and that Becca is beginning to crack?


Shirley Carter 9/1

Shirley is in love with Phil and gets on well with Ben. Would one of the outsiders of the Square really commit such a crime despite her vicious tongue?


Ryan Malloy 10/1

He fancied Janine but Archie took her away from him and then subsequently treated her badly, culminating in him kicking her out of The Vic on Christmas Day.


Peggy Mitchell 12/1

A proud defender of the Mitchell and what more sums up a Mitchell than murder? Archie manipulated Peggy when they were married parted her from her friends. Archie was also the reason Peggy lost all of her money and then added insult to injury by claiming The Vic on Christmas Eve. The former landlady also told Archie to leave The Vic or that he will regret it.


Jack Branning 16/1

Jack is handy with his fists and has a lack of conscience so he fits the bill when it comes to committing murder. Jack saw how badly Archie treated Ronnie could he have wanted revenge for his love interest?


Grant Mitchell 16/1

Bad boy Grant would have been deeply annoyed to say the least at the way Archie treated his mother. He was meant to have been abroad though, did he make a surprise return to Albert Square on Christmas Day to kill his uncle?


Bradley Branning 20/1

Bradley punched Archie before his death after the ginger genius found out about him raping Stacey. Could such a sweet lad be driven to murder by the evil that was Archie? Friday is also Bradley's last episode, is it a coincidence?


Stacey Slater 20/1

Stacey was the initial favourite in this market when betting first opened at William Hill. The aforementioned rape would be enough to make anyone seek revenge, but her odds have drifted so much that clearly the market doesn't think it would make her want to kill.


Roxy Mitchell 25/1

Daddy's girl has always stuck up for her father, but she was not impressed at the way Archie treated both Ronnie and Peggy. She has also benefitted financially from his death.


Pat Evans 33/1

Pat never liked the way Archie treated Peggy, surely it would be a step too far for this old battleaxe to kill him? She was allegedly in New Zealand at Christmas in any case.


Ronnie Mitchell 33/1

Is there a person in Walford that hated Archie more than his own daughter, Ronnie? Denying her the chance to bring up her daughter Danielle and constantly manipulating her and involving himself in her affairs did him no favours. Ronnie was the one that found him dead.


Sam Mitchell 33/1

Sam returned to Walford on Christmas Day, to the surprise of many, as she realised that Archie set up her departure which resulted in financial ruin for her family. Would she want revenge that badly to kill Archie?


Tracy the barmaid 33/1

Tracy was unhappy when Archie and Janine took over The Vic. Could this long-time extra have finally had a starring role after all these years?


Janine Butcher 40/1

Thrown out of The Vic by Archie the devious female was clearly upset. She thought that her and Archie were an item and a team as she helped him gain control of The Vic. She also has previous when it comes to murder.


Phil Mitchell 40/1

Phil failed to kill Archie earlier on in the year when Peggy asked him to, but had his step-father pushed him too far this time? He was last seen heading into the cellar of The Vic.


Ian Beale 100/1

Ian is many things but a murderer? Archie blackmailed him over him sleeping with Janine. Ian entered The Vic on Christmas Day and stole the laptop, did he do anything else while there?

If you don't fancy any of the above there are plenty of other characters to choose from in the betting.



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