Can heavyweight superstar Anthony Joshua ratatatat his way to the win in Episode #1 of ‘Perfect Practice’: our hard-hitting new series of boxing challenges?

Speed, coordination, rhythm, technique.

The speedball is iconic in the fight game, and mastering it demands many hours of practice and serious hand-eye coordination.

That’s why we picked it for the first of our ‘Perfect Practice’ challenges.


What’s Perfect Practice?

It’s a new video series from William Hill which sees our Global Ambassador Anthony Joshua take on YouTube sensation KSI and sports presenter David Alorka on the boxing kit that turn chumps into champs.

Along the way, the three guys will get expert tips and explainers from Tanya Morgan – all-round badass and combat trainer at BXR London.

You might pick up a few tricks along the way too…


Check out the video (above) now. Can AJ prove his champion credentials, or will KSI’s (slightly unorthodox) approach hold the key to victory?

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