“I’ve fought in front of 50 people. I’ve fought in front of a big audience. The goal always remains the same. Win.”

Anthony Joshua

The Advert

You’ve got ringside seats to behind the scenes footage that was captured over the three-day shoot. With three camera crews, a 100 strong production team and 200 extras, this was a heavyweight task.

The Team

To be the best, you have to work with the best. World-renowned choreographer Cathy Ematchoua joined forces with AJ’s former coach Sean Murphy to put together a slick sequence of jabs, hooks, and dance moves.

The Opponent

Joe Lockley is AJ’s TV opponent. The undefeated amateur boxer had the chance to train with the heavyweight champion of the world and picked up some helpful tips along the way. Not only that, but it has opened doors for Joe. You can hear more about his experiences in his interviews and future plans.

Tale Of The Tapes

With one crew keeping the cameras rolling throughout the three-day shoot, here’s everything that was caught between takes. From AJ joking around to his bespoke light-up gloves in action, it’s all in this Behind the Scenes footage.

William Hill


since 1934

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