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Lucky 63 Bet

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How do you calculate a Lucky 63 Bet?

Often described as being very similar to a Heinz bet, but with single bets included, it is quite possible to manually calculate Lucky 63 winning returns. To do this just add together the individual returns you achieve – remembering that a winning payout is triggered even if only one of your six selections turns out to be a winner.

Your calculation should also include further elements such as: any bookmaker win bonuses or consolation multipliers, as well as practical concerns like dead heats, non-runners, and of course your each-way options.

Does that seem time consuming? Well, there is a simpler way: Just use an online free Lucky 63 bet calculator to do the mathematical ‘heavy lifting’. A quick bet calculator is also a useful tool to give you feedback on changes to your stake value, and/or when better odds might become available.

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What is a Lucky 63 bet?

The Lucky 63 bet is a popular six-selection wager with 63 bets available: 6 single bets, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-fold accumulators, 6 five-fold accumulators, plus one six-fold accumulator.

Clearly acquiring its name from these 63 parts plus certain 'lucky' bonuses which are often part of the package, the Lucky 63 is an attractive proposition. The bonuses available tend to fall into two distinct categories: 1) a percentage bonus which is added to certain specified winning returns, or 2) an odds multiplier frequently appearing as a 'consolation' offer when only one of your selections achieves a win.