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How do you calculate a Super Heinz Bet?

With a total of 120 super heinz bets, your stake amount will be important. And with so many bets it’s all too easy to lose track of how your prospects will be affected by wins and losses. So here is a typical horse-racing example which assumes a £1 bet, (total stake amount of £120) and also assumes each equine contender in your seven selections will be priced at 4.00. All quoted returns are shown after the deduction of your stake.

You need 2 selection wins to qualify for any return at all (just -£104). And 3 wins is also negative return of -£8. At 4 wins you move into credit (£488), while 5 returns you £2,984. The big money continues with 6 wins yielding £15,480 and all 7 wins bringing in £77,976.

However, it is far simpler to use an online super heinz calculator to explore your profit margins and decide your betting strategy.

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What is a Super Heinz bet?

As its name suggests, a 'super heinz' bet far exceeds what a standard heinz bet can offer. In fact, it can provide more than double. So how many bets in a super heinz? The answer is 120. Known as a full cover bet, a super heinz contains no single bets. But there are: 21 doubles, 35 treble bets, 35 four-fold accumulators, 21 five-fold accumulators, 7 six-fold accumulators plus one seven-fold accumulator.

You choose seven selections and two or more of your predictions must be correct to trigger a guaranteed payout.