The reasons to bet on greyhounds are as diverse as the noble beasts themselves. Our greyhound tips aim to talk you through some of the most productive ways to inform your picks when you’re betting on the dogs.

From trap-rise until the greyhound results are in, dog racing provides thrills in abundance and we’ve got all the betting tips you need.

Our first piece of advice is to head over to our Greyhound betting page where not just greyhound betting odds, but a trove of helpful tips and pointers await the prospective punter, as well as today’s greyhound results.

Greyhound tips: How to bet on greyhounds

Greyhound tips at William Hill

When it comes to greyhound racing betting, you can either back the winner or go more elaborate in search of bigger wins.

The most common way to bet on greyhound racing is to either pick a dog and back it to win a particular race, or you can back a dog to be placed in order to have a better chance of winning. This means it must finish in the top two, though your winnings will be lower than if you select a dog to win the race.

When it comes to the more elaborate bets, there is the straight forecast, reverse forecast, straight tricast or combination tricast.

A straight forecast or straight tricast are types of greyhounds odds where you pick the first two or three past the post in the order in which they cross the line. Let it not be forgotten however, that these are tougher tips to land than simply picking the winner based on greyhound results, though the rewards will of course be greater.

Slightly easier, but requiring multiple bets, rather than one, are reverse forecasts (two bets) and combination tricasts (six bets). The former allows you to choose the first two finishers in any order, while the latter is a dart at predicting the first three traps to pass the judge, in any sequence.

Greyhound tips, betting and predictions

If you’re keen to get a little deeper, look into the greyhounds’ form to unearth your own greyhound tips.

Among the tools for picking your own greyhound predictions, there’s the virtual predictor, runner form, and pointers to study to place the right odds.

Analysis of the runner form should always pay particular attention to the times posted by dogs over similar distances, as well their final placings in the races in question.

The ‘Pos’ column can also be enlightening, recording which position each runner held at each bend of the contest in question and providing an insight into whether your greyhound tip pings the lids and gets on the bunny early, or stays on late to take the laurels.

Pointers is another tab which provides all manner of information for hatching your fast greyhound predictions, from a runner’s record at the track to how they fare in each of the six traps at the course they’re running at and the record of the stalls themselves.

Never to be underestimated when weighing up your greyhound predictions is the information on today’s greyhound results page (aka on the day you’re betting).

Together with data on which traps are ‘hot’ at a particular track, they can give you priceless insight on where it’s advantageous for a runner to be drawn and should make narrowing down the field to pick the winner more simple.

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