Bingo Lingo

If you’re looking for all things bingo lingo, you’ve come to the right place! From general terminology to a bingo chat guide and even bingo calls – we’ve got it all here!

If you’ve ever played a game of bingo, then you’ll be familiar with bingo calls. These are the nicknames given to numbers as they’re called out. The idea is that they add to the fun of the game and help to distinguish the different numbers that might sound alike from each other, so that players can avoid confusion. Each bingo ball has a phrase associated with it, some are funny, some are silly and they’re all well known to bingo callers.

Calls range from rhymes to military slang, familiar saying to local phrases. Some bits of bingo lingo are so well known that, even if you’ve never played the game before, you are sure to have heard.


Bingo Terminology

For a new player, some of the bingo terminology used in online bingo might be a little confusing. Here’s a guide to some of the common terms that you might come across while playing online bingo:

75 Ball – This is a variation of bingo played with 75 balls, or if balls are not used, then 75 potential numbers are available to be called. This is the version that is most commonly played in the USA. It is played with cards which have a 5×5 grid.

90 Ball – This is the most common type of bingo played in the United Kingdom. Games are played with cards having nine squares. There is a maximum of 5 numbers in each row.

Bingo Board – This is the area on a screen where the numbers which have been drawn are displayed.

Blackout – The aim of this bingo game is to cover all the squares on your card.

Card – This is your card or ticket which you use to play bingo. There are different rows of numbers on each card.

Chat Moderator (CM) – This is the person in charge of the chat section of an online bingo site.

Chat Room – Here you can interact with other players of the online game. There might be bonuses or promotions awarded in the chat area.

Free Space – This is the square in the centre of a 75-ball bingo card. This square should be automatically filled at the start of the game.

Full House – On a 90-ball bingo card, a full house is when all the numbers are marked off.

Jackpot – This is an extra prize awarded for a particular pattern on your card achieved with a set number of balls.

Pattern – This is the required layout of correct numbers needed to win. There are three possible patterns in 90-ball bingo: a line, 2 lines and a full house.

Progressive Jackpot – This is a jackpot that accumulates as people play. Generally, these are awards for getting difficult patterns with a small amount of numbers.

Single Line – On a 90-ball bingo card, a single line is one completed row.

Two Lines Across -This is two completed rows on a 90-ball bingo card.


Chat Bingo Lingo

There is a great community feel to playing online bingo and you can chat to other players while you play using the chat window. Some of the acronyms and abbreviations might be confusing at first, so here’s a guide to some of the common bingo chat lingo:

1tg – one to go (one number left to win).

2tg – two to go (two numbers left to win).

aamof – as a matter of fact.

asap – as soon as possible.

asl – age, sex, location.

b4n – bye for now.

bbl – be back later.

bf – boyfriend.

bfn – bye for now.

brb – be right back.

btw – by the way.

cu – see you.

cul – catch you later.

cya – see you later.

fcol – for crying out loud.

fyi – for your information.

gf – girlfriend.

gg – good game.

gl – good luck.

gla – good luck all.

gr8 – great.

hagd – have a great day.

imho – in my honest opinion / in my humble opinion.

jk – just kidding.

k – OK.

l8r – later.

lol – laugh out loud.

lyk – let you know.

noyb – none of your business.

np – no problem.

omg – oh my gosh.

plz – please.

rofl – rolling on the floor laughing.

sry – sorry.

thx – thanks.

ttyl – talk to you later.

ty – thank you.

w8 – wait.

wb – welcome back.

wd – well done.

wtg – way to go.

yw – you’re welcome.


Top Bingo Calls

Each number in bingo has a call, this is a nickname to help make it clear which number is being called. These can be rhymes, familiar phrases or even slang words. Here are the top ten:

1. Kelly’s Eye – At the Beginning – Nelson’s Column.

2. One Little Duck – Me and You.

3. Cup of Tea – You and Me – One Little Flea.

4. Knock at the Door.

5. Man Alive.

6. Chopsticks – Tom’s Tricks.

7. Lucky Seven – God’s in Heaven.

8. Golden Gate – One Fat Lady.

9. Doctor’s Orders.

10. (Prime Minister Name)’s Den.

Check out our Bingo Calls blog to find out even more!


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