Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul have put their money where their mouth is, wagering $1million on the result of the boxing match between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano.

Paul brokered the blockbuster fight on behalf of Serrano with Taylor’s promoter Hearn, and one of the biggest matches in women’s boxing history has been ramped up a level with the promoters staking $1million on who will emerge victorious at the pre-fight press conference.

Paul said: “I’m more confident than you are… let’s bet on it. I’ll bet all of my jewellery that Serrano wins,” which caused Hearn to joke that the bet wouldn’t be worth that much.

So, the American YouTuber-turned boxing star upped the ante to a $500,000 bet between the two and extended his hand to seal it.

Hearn replied: “Maybe we can talk about a million.”

Paul, who said he would give his potential winnings to Serrano, replied: “Let’s do a million. I bet Amanda wins for $1million.”

You can see the full Katie Taylor v Amanda Serrano press conference, including Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul shaking on a $1million bet, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VonlSQ7Xifc