How to Play Slots Online

Online slots have borrowed many of their designs and gameplays from classic slot machines. However, they also incorporate some of their own unique features which reflect their modern digital pedigree.

Before you begin playing online slot games, here are some elements you’ll need to become familiar with, some slot jargon terms you’ll need to know, and a short overview of the kind of online slot games you will be able to access.



Top Slots Features and Jargon



This feature lets prospective players watch the gameplay through automatically.



This reference feature lets you look up how much money you have left in your account. Then you’ll know how much you can bet in your next slot game.


Bet per Line

This is where you set how much you want to bet per line on your next spin.


Free Spins Rounds

With some slots you can unlock free spins, which are essentially extra free games. You qualify by completing a game task, by landing on certain symbols, or as part of a promotion.


Number of Lines

Here, you decide which lines you wish to bet on, and how much money you want to stake.



The paytable provides information about game features such as: scatter and wild symbols, the payouts you get for winning combinations, and other details such as how to access bonus games. When available, a clickable pay table will open a topic-related window offering detailed information.


Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots work by connecting a large group of slot machines to pool a very large jackpot. So any single player could be lucky enough to win a life-changing amount of money. Internet connectivity has made it easy to network slot machines, and progressive jackpots are extremely popular with players.



Spin the slot-game reels to create winning combination for money prizes. Traditional slot machines tend to feature 3 reels, but 5-reels are growing in popularity. Some slot games have even more.



This stands for return to player, and represents the average percentage of money that’s paid back to the player over time. So the higher the RTP percentage, the more money (on average) a machine pays out in prizes.



This is the gameplay button which you press to start the slot reels spinning.


Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols can appear in any position on any reel. They are a reward feature which will gain you a win or allow access to another bonus feature – a free spins round, for instance. In most games, these are one of the highest-paying symbols, which is why their design often reflects the slot game’s overall theme.


Total Bet

This feature tells you how much your next gameplay is likely to cost, including the bet total for each line as well as the number of lines you have chosen to bet on.



Volatility is a very important issue for slot players. Generally speaking, high-volatility slots give you bigger wins less often, while low volatility slots give you smaller wins, but pay out more frequently. Low volatility slots are a great option for players whose budget is limited because they pay out little and often. And being fairly predictable, they are also a good option for casual players.


Wild Symbols

Think of a Wild symbol as being much like the joker in a pack of cards – they can be substituted for any other symbol and thus used to complete a winning line and gain a payout. Slots developers have tweaked the way wild symbols function in some slot games. So now you can take advantage of expanding wilds, shifting wilds, sticky wilds, cascading wilds, stacked wilds and more.



Types of Slots


Three Reels

Three reel slots are the original, classic slot machines. So the idea, and the design, date from the age of mechanical gaming machines. This would originally have included features such as a side-mounted metal handle to spin the reels, giving you a chance to line up the symbols and gain a win.


Five Reels Slots

Digital technology and mass online access have revolutionised slot design. Unrestricted by physical space, modern slots now have five or even seven reels. That leaves plenty of room for more symbols per reel, bigger jackpots, and greater excitement.


Progressive Slots

Progressive slots became available soon after the development of video slot games. Just like a lottery rollover, a progressive slot jackpot continues to increase until somebody wins a massive jackpot. Though a progressive jackpot can be limited to one slot machine, the idea has been harnessed to connect hundreds, if not thousands, of linked slot machine networks.



Multiplier symbols increase your winnings by a certain ratio. The amount of the increase varies according to the game rules. Some multipliers operate on normal game reels, while others only apply to particular features or bonus games.


Bonus Games

Bonus games come in a variety of forms, but all give you a chance to win extra money by playing a bonus-feature game. You can qualify for a bonus game by completing a gameplay task. This then takes you into a ‘game within a game’ to earn your bonus. Some bonus games have elaborate storylines or complex features and demand certain skills, while others are very simple.


Multi-Payline Slots

The first slot machines had just one payline, and lining up three identical symbols produced a win. However, today’s multi-payline slots allow players to bet on many different paylines. In multi-payline environments a win can often be achieved by lining up game elements in many directions, so it pays to be familiar with the game payout rules to understand your betting options.


Slots Tournament

Although most slot games are for individual players, slot tournaments allow players to compete against each other. Tournament players all play the same slot game as they normally do. Depending on the tournament type, when it finishes the player with the highest total winnings may collect the grand prize. Becoming very familiar with the slot you will be playing is the only preparation required.



Online Slots Do’s and Don’ts


… remember slots using higher coin denominations have higher payback percentages.

… choose games which best match your own interests, skills, knowledge and playing personality.

… adopt a strategy where you always play within your set budget.



… attempt to use any illegal gameplays or ‘cheat codes’.

… ever respond to, or collaborate with, anyone who claims they can ‘rig’ a game.


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