Roulette Odds

There’s no need to worry if you happen to feel you’re a roulette novice and understand very little about roulette odds. The good news is that this intriguing casino game has rules that you’ll soon pick up. Even more encouraging, those in the know believe that when you play roulette both raw beginners and advanced players have much the same prospects of winning. Yes, it’s true that a good grasp of the basics is hardly a disadvantage, but otherwise you’re just as likely to hit a winning streak as most seasoned players.

At its core, roulette betting is essentially a choice between a dynamic betting approach if you’re looking for big wins, or a more relaxed strategy offering better odds in return for smaller payouts.


Roulette Payouts & Probability

So what is the payout on roulette?

The answer is that it all depends on what strategy you decide to adopt. When you play roulette, those bets which give you the greatest chance of winning are also the ones which offer the smallest payouts.


To take one example, a bet on a ‘red or black’ winning number has a high chance of being successful. That’s because, whichever colour you pick, you still have 18 possible winning numbers. Statistically speaking, the ‘probability’ you will win with such a bet is 48.6% – in other words, just about even. And as you would expect, your payout for a win will usually be 1:1, and that reflects the fact that players will succeed with a red/black bet fairly regularly.


The same logic applies elsewhere too: If you play roulette and bet on an ‘odd or even’ win, or put your money on a ‘high or low’ number option, in each case you are again working with a set of 18 numbers, any one of which could return you a win in next to no time. So again, you’ll most likely get a 1:1 payout with your win probability sticking at 48.6%.


To get higher payouts, you’ll have to accept a greater risk that you may lose more often. That’s why, for instance, a column bet on 12 numbers has a win probability of 32.4%, but will give you rather better odds at 2:1. Ramping up the wager, you could go for a corner bet paying out at 8:1, though that would give you only 4 numbers to work with, and would reduce your win probability to 10.8%.


Those on a lucky streak may well fancy their chances of a split bet on 2 numbers, or even a straight bet on one single number. Win payouts here would be 17:1 and an amazing 35:1 respectively, but equally, such bets would also bring the probability down to a win percentage of 5.4% and 2.7% in each case.


Roulette Odds Chart

This classic betting pattern showing how the choice of bets is reflected in the odds which are on offer is summarised in the table below. In particular, this clearly illustrates how the total amount of slots you have in play when the wheel spins is the major factor which determines your chances of gaining a larger win payout.

Play roulette betting options:

Type of betWin payout multiplierRoulette odds (Europe)Roulette odds (USA)*
Single number31:12.7%2.6%
Split (2 numbers)17:15.4%5.3%
Street (3 numbers)11:18.1%7.9%
Corner (4 numbers)8:110.8%10.5%
5 numbers6:113.5%13.2%
6 numbers5:116.2%15.8%
Column (12 numbers)2:132.4%31.6%
Dozen (12 numbers)2:132.4%31.6%
Red/Black (18 numbers)1:148.6%47.4%
Low/High (18 numbers)1:148.6%47.4%

Remember that American roulette uses two separate ‘0’ and ‘00’ slots, which makes American betting odds slightly less favourable.


Roulette Odds for Outside Bets

All players will try the popular Red or Black wager when they first play roulette. Betting and winning on either colour means an even money win will get you your stake returned. And that’s the same for Odd or Even, another outside bet with the same 1:1 payout ratio. A High or Low bet produces another even money option: You choose the low-number range 1 to 18 or the high-number range 19 to 36, and if you win, you get your money back.

The other two outside bets will return you 2:1 on your stake. These are both quite straightforward. A ‘column’ bet gives you a choice of numbers grouped in one of the three columns stretching down the table, while a ‘dozens’ bet allows you a similar choice of three number groups, but this time stretching horizontally across the table. However, in terms of a win percentage here, your chances slip back to around 33%.


Roulette Odds for Inside Bets

Inside bets will increase your win payouts while reducing your odds of securing a win. However, if it’s your day, winning on a single number bet pays out at 35:1. A wager on a two-number split is also harder to accomplish. But if you do, the win pays you at 17:1. And as explained above, the more numbers you choose, the better your odds of winning – but you’ll have to accept a lower payout in return.


Best Roulette Betting System

The concept of one “best” roulette betting strategy is as old as the game itself. Most of these strategies rely on number sequences which dictate how you should bet to minimise and/or recover your losses.

For instance, the ‘Martingale’ system advocates continuously doubling your bet after any loss until you recover everything – unless you exhaust your bankroll first! The ‘Fibonacci’ method does much the same using a number ratio occurring in the natural world, while the ‘Chaos’ system advises you to bet what you like, entirely at random – which at least has a certain ring of honesty about it.

In truth, Lady Luck rarely favours one roulette betting strategy over another. So if you’re going to be lucky, then you will be lucky.


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