On June 14th, 2018, 32 nations will begin their quest for World Cup glory as the 21st edition of FIFA’s showpiece event kicks off in Russia. The event will be watched by more than three billion people and tens of millions of pounds will be wagered throughout the month-long tournament. So, how can you increase your chances of becoming a World Cup betting champion?

The groups

The 32 teams have been drawn into eight groups, the top two will proceed to the next round:

  • Group A: Russia, Egypt, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia
  • Group B: Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco
  • Group C: France, Denmark, Australia, Peru
  • Group D: Argentina, Croatia, Iceland, Nigeria
  • Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
  • Group F: Germany, Sweden, Mexico, South Korea
  • Group G: Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama
  • Group H: Poland, Colombia, Senegal, Japan

Top tips to win at World Cup betting

World Cup betting more than just about predicting who will lift the trophy in the Luzhniki Stadium on July 15th. There are many other markets to explore and a whole host of stats that can be used to make your picks.

To have the best chance of winning, you need to know exactly how each market works. The first step is to understand the odds and look for value.

Know the odds

You can bet on the World Cup many weeks before it begins but you should be aware that odds can change during that time. You might get a great price but there is also a chance that a team could lose key players through injury and suddenly your bet might not look such good value. You have to weigh up the value of the bet against the risks attached if you are going to bet early.

Study the markets             

If you don’t know the difference between and straight forecast and a dual forecast, do your homework. You should only bet on markets that you fully understand.

Popular markets

Here are just a few popular World Cup betting markets:

  • Outright winner: Will reigning champions Germany prevail again? Or will another country take the crown this time around?
  • Top goalscorer:  Fancy Lionel Messi to score the most goals? This is the market for you.
  • Name the finalists: You don’t need to predict who will win, just which two teams will reach the final.
  • To reach final: Can’t predict both finalists? Don’t worry, with this bet you only have to name one.
  • To reach quarter-final: Predicting a quarter-finalist sounds easy. Will your team make it?
  • Highest placed continental team: Select which team from a particular continent will go the furthest.
  • Group winners:  With eight groups of four teams, picking the winner of a group should be easy, right?
  • In-play betting: Once the tournament is underway, you can bet live during every game.

Look at the stats

Stats are everything when it comes to successful World Cup betting. You should look at the current form (of teams and individual players), injuries and historical performances before making your decision. You should read up on the coaches, study the strength of the groups and use all the information to find a suitable bet.

You should also consider the winning mentality of each team – which ones perform best on the world stage and which ones tend to crumble under the pressure.


The best advice is to always is to look for bets that offer good value. If you think a price looks good, check the stats, see who is injured and look at other factors that may have affected the price. If it still looks good to you, then you have probably found a bet worth placing. Become an expert, apply your knowledge and you might just end up a World Cup winner.