From literature, music and pop culture to politics, science and sport. There is no topic or subject The Simpsons hasn’t had form in predicting. You might be forgiven for wondering if there really is a crystal ball in the The Simpsons writing room.

Type in ‘The Simpsons predictions’ into a search engine and you’ll be swarmed with millions of results detailing events the show has alluded to long before they actually happened.

From Disney’s takeover of Fox, the Apple Watch and three consecutive Super Bowl champions  – there is a host of absurdly accurate forecasts.

Not satisfied with predicting Donald Trump would become president back in 2000, a result that caused Hills to pay out £3.8m 16 years later, the longest-running scripted TV series in history has thrown another spanner in the betting works.

In a 1997 episode, the show played out a football game featuring Portugal against Mexico to “determine which nation is the greatest on earth” – a fixture still liable to happen at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Portugal have advanced to the next round and face Uruguay whilst Mexico could have a favourable tie possibly against Switzerland or Serbia.


William Hill are facing such an enormous payout that the odds have been cut from a biggest price of 500/1 to 33/1. Hills alone have liabilities of £670,000 if this incredulous match-up between Portugal and Mexico does indeed happen.

One customer from Lincolnshire stands to win a massive £100,000 after placing a £1000 wager at 100/1. So how much has that infamous 1997 Simpsons episode played into this furore? A lot, as it happens.

“Punters have seemingly latched onto this while making their bets ahead of the tournament,” said William Hill spokesman Joe Crilly.

“Should the two sides reach the final, we stand to lose £670,000. This isn’t just a frivolous pound here or there, people are wagering up to £1000 a time and it is our worst result in the predict the final market.”