To the hordes of football fans across the UK, the sport is more than just a game – it’s something they are born into – which is why we have launched #MyFootballDNA to give supporters an insight into who ruled the beautiful game when they arrived on the planet.

The #MyFootballDNA tool requires users to enter their date of birth to reveal a helix, including facts such as a footballer they share a birthday with, who the English league champions, FA Cup, European Cup and World Cup holders were from that date, as well as who the most expensive footballer and Ballon d’Or bearers were at the time.

The data spans from September 1920 to September 2002 to consider users that are over 18 years of age.

From this timeline, the #MyFootballDNA reveals 23 different English league champions, 20 European Cup/Champions League-winning clubs, seven World Cup-winning countries, 34 Ballon d’Or winners and 33 players to have broken the world record transfer fee.

Fans are also treated to ‘wildcard trivia facts’ from nine different decades, which reveal quirky details from the world of football, as well as key dates from the sport – such as England winning the World Cup on 30th July 1966.

Check out the #MyFootballDNA tool here