Arguably the most famous horse race in history, the Grand National takes place in April at Aintree Racecourse. The first Grand National took place in 1839 and has created some incredible sporting moments. The race is special as people who aren’t usually involved in the sport tend to have a punt on the race, which means it has something for everyone.

The Grand National is 4m2f with 30 obstacles to be navigated. Famous fences include Becher’s Brook and The Chair which are a stiff test for even the greatest racehorse. The race has a presitgious role of honour with greats such as Red Rum and most recently Tiger Roll, as well as surprise winners like Royal Athlete and Mon Mome. It is known to be one of the most gruelling races, with only the toughest horses prospering.

Tiger Roll has had much speculation as to whether or not he will run with owners, Gigginstown Stud, stating that his weight would be the deciding factor. For this year’s Grand National, the Gordon Elliot-trained 10-year-old will be running off top-weight (11st 10lb) and is the ante-post favourite at 11/2. It would be an incredible achievement if he could match the hat-trick of Red Rum, and is one that every racing fan across the world would love to see take place. Others hoping to stop Tiger Roll include the runner-up of the 2019 Grand National, Magic of Light, who is currently priced at 16/1, and Ramses De Teillee (20/1).


Red Rum is currently the leading horse in the history of the Grand National, winning a total of three (1973, 1974, 1977) closely followed by fan-favourite Tiger Roll (2018, 2019).

The leading trainer title is shared between three greats, Ginger McCain, Fred Rimell, George Dockeray, each with four wins.

The largest priced horse to win in the previous two decades is Mon Mome who stormed to victory under Liam Treadwell in 2009 priced at 100/1. With so many runners in the field and some incredibly tricky jumps to navigate, the race is known to be full of surprises. In 180 years, Mon Mome was only the fifth winner with these odds, and this race, in particular, was also Treadwell’s Grand National debut making the accomplishment even more spectacular.

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YearHorseJockeySPWinning Time
2019Tiger RollDavy Russell4/1 F9m 1.0s
2018Tiger RollDavy Russell10/19m 40.1s
2017One For ArthurDerek Fox14/19m 3.50s
2016Rule The WorldDavid Mullins33/19m 29.0s
2015Many CloudsLeighton Aspell25/18m 56.8s
2014Pineau De ReLeighton Aspell25/19m 9.9s
2013Auroras EncoreRyan Mania66/19m 12.0s
2012Neptune CollongesDaryl Jacob33/19m 5.1s
2011BallabriggsJason Maguire66/19m 1.2s
2010Don't Push ItAP McCoy10/1 JF9m 4.6s
2009Mon MomeLiam Treadwell100/19m 32.9s
2008Comply or DieTimmy Murphy7/1 JF9m 16.6s
2007Silver BirchRobbie Power33/19m 13.6s
2006NumbersixvalverdeNiall Madden11/19m 41.0s
2005HedgehunterRuby Walsh7/1 F9m 20.8s
2004Amberleigh HouseGraham Lee16/19m 20.3s
2003Monty's PassBarry Geraghty16/19m 21.7s
2002BindareeJim Culloty20/19m 8.6s
2001Red MarauderRichard Guest33/111m 0.1s
2000PapillonRuby Walsh10/19m 9.7s
1999BobbyjoPaul Carberry10/19m 14.1s
1998Earth SummitCarl Llewellyn7/1 F10m 51.5s
1997Lord GylleneTony Dobbin14/19m 5.9s
1996Rough QuestMick Fitzgerald7/1 F9m 0.8s
1995Royal AthleteJason Titley40/19m 4.1s
1994MiinnehomaRichard Dunwoody16/110m 18.8s
1992Party PoliticsCarl Llewellyn14/19m 6.4s
1991SeagramNigel Hawke12/19m 29.9s
1990Mr FriskMr Marcus Armytage16/18m 47.8s (record)
1989Little PolveirJimmy Frost28/110m 6.9s
1988Rhyme 'n' ReasonBrendan Powell10/19m 53.5s
1987Maori VentureSteve Knight28/19m 19.3s
1986West TipRichard Dunwoody15/29m 33.0s
1985Last SuspectHywel Davies50/19m 42.7s
1984Hallo DandyNeale Doughty13/19m 21.4s
1983CorbiereBen de Haan13/19m 47.4s
1982GrittarMr Dick Saunders7/1 F9m 12.6s
1981AldanitiBob Champion10/19m 47.2s
1980Ben NevisMr Charlie Fenwick (USA)40/110m 17.4s
1979RubsticMaurice Barnes25/19m 52.9s
1978LuciusBob Davies14/19m 33.9s
1977Red RumTommy Stack9/19m 30.3s
1976Rag TradeJohn Burke14/19m 20.9s
1974Red RumBrian Fletcher11/19m 20.3s
1973Red RumBrian Fletcher9/1 JF9m 1.9s
1972Well to DoGraham Thorner14/110m 8.4s
1971SpecifyJohn Cook28/19m 34.2s
1970Gay TripPat Taaffe15/19m 38s
1969Highland WeddingEddie Harty, Sr.100/99m 30.8s
1968Red AlligatorBrian Fletcher100/79m 28.8s
1967FoinavonJohn Buckingham100/19m 49.6s
1966AngloTim Norman50/19m 52.8s
1965Jay TrumpTommy Smith100/69m 30.6s
1964Team SpiritWillie Robinson18/19m 46.8s
1963AyalaPat Buckley66/19m 35.8s
1962KilmoreFred Winter28/19m 50s
1961Nicolaus SilverBobby Beasley28/19m 22.6s
1960Merryman IIGerry Scott13/2 F9m 26.2s
1959OxoMichael Scudamore8/19m 37.8s
1958Mr. WhatArthur Freeman18/19m 59.8s
1957SundewFred Winter20/19m 42.4s
1956E.S.B.David Dick100/79m 21.4s
1955Quare TimesPat Taaffe100/910m 19.2s
1954Royal TanBryan Marshall8/19m 32.8s
1953Early MistBryan Marshall20/19m 22.8s
1952TealArthur Thompson100/79m 21.5s
1951Nickel CoinJohn Bullock40/19m 48.8s
1950FreebooterJimmy Power10/1 F9m 24.2s
1949Russian HeroLeo McMorrow66/19m 24.2s
1948Sheila's CottageArthur Thompson50/19m 25.4s
1947CaughooEddie Dempsey100/110m 3.8s
1946Lovely CottageCapt. Bobby Petre25/19m 38.2s
1940BogskarMervyn Jones25/19m 20.6s
1939WorkmanTim Hyde100/89m 42.2s
1938BattleshipBruce Hobbs40/19m 27.0s
1937Royal MailEvan Williams100/69m 59.8s
1936ReynoldstownMr Fulke Walwyn10/19m 37.8s
1935ReynoldstownMr Frank Furlong22/19m 20.2s
1934Golden MillerGerry Wilson8/19m 20.4s
1932ForbraTim Hamey50/19m 44.6s
1931GrakleBob Lyall100/69m 32.8s
1930Shaun GoilinTommy Cullinan100/89m 40.6s
1929GregalachRobert W H Everett100/19m 47.4s
1928Tipperary TimMr Bill Dutton100/110m 23.4s
1927SprigTed Leader8/1 F10m 20.2s
1926Jack HornerWilliam Watkinson25/19m 36.0s
1925Double ChanceMaj. John Wilson100/99m 42.6s
1924Master RobertBob Trudgill25/19m 40.0s
1923Sergeant MurphyCapt. Tuppy Bennett100/69m 36.0s
1922Music HallLewis Rees100/99m 55.8s
1921Shaun SpadahFred Rees100/910m 26.0s
1920TroytownMr Jack Anthony6/110m 20.4s
1919PoethlynErnie Piggott11/4 F10m 8.4s
1915Ally SloperMr Jack Anthony100/89m 47.8s
1914SunlochBill Smith100/69m 58.8s
1913CovertcoatPercy Woodland100/910m 19.0s
1912Jerry MErnie Piggott4/1 JF10m 13.4s
1911GlensideMr Jack Anthony20/110m 35.0s
1910JenkinstownRobert Chadwick100/810m 44.2s
1909Lutteur IIIGeorges Parfrement100/99m 53.8s
1908RubioHenry Bletsoe66/110m 33.2s
1907EremonAlf Newey8/19m 47.5s
1905KirklandFrank Mason6/19m 48.8s
1904MoifaaArthur Birch25/19m 58.6s
1903DrumcreePercy Woodland13/2 F10m 9.4s
1902Shannon LassDavid Read20/110m 3.6s
1901GrudonArthur Nightingall9/19m 47.8s
1900Ambush IIAlgy Anthony4/110m 1.4s
1899ManifestoGeorge Williamson5/19m 49.8s
1898DroghedaJohn Gourley25/19m 43.6s
1897ManifestoTerry Kavanagh6/1 F9m 49s
1896The SoarerLt. David Campbell40/110m 11.2s
1895Wild Man From BorneoMr Joe Widger10/110m 32.0
1894Why NotArthur Nightingall5/1 JF9m 45.4s
1893CloisterBill Dollery9/2 F9m 32.4s
1892Father O'FlynnCapt. Roddy Owen20/19m 48.2s
1891Come AwayMr Harry Beasley4/1 F9m 58.0s
1890IlexArthur Nightingall4/1 F10m 41.8s
1889FrigateMr Tommy Beasley8/110m 1.2s
1888PlayfairGeorge Mawson40/110m 12.0s
1887GamecockBill Daniels20/110m 10.2s
1886Old JoeTommy Skelton25/110m 14.6s
1885RoquefortMr Ted Wilson10/3 F10m 10.0s
1884VoluptuaryMr Ted Wilson10/110m 5.0s
1883ZoedoneCount Karel Kinsky100/711m 39.0s
1882SeamanLord Manners10/110m 42.4s
1881WoodbrookMr Tommy Beasley11/2 JF11m 50.0s
1880EmpressMr Tommy Beasley8/110m 20.0s
1879The LiberatorMr Garrett Moore5/110m 12.0s
1878ShifnalJ. Jones7/110m 23.0s
1877AusterlitzMr Fred Hobson15/110m 10.0s
1876RegalJoe Cannon25/111m 14.0s
1875PathfinderMr Tommy Pickernell100/610m 22.0s
1874ReugnyMr J. M. Richardson5/1 F10m 4.0s
1873DisturbanceMr J. M. Richardson20/1Watch stopped
1872Casse TeteJohn Page20/110m 14.5s
1871The LambMr Tommy Pickernell11/29m 35.7s
1870The ColonelGeorge Stevens7/2 F10m 10.0s
1869The ColonelGeorge Stevens100/711m 0.0s
1868The LambMr George Ede9/1Not recorded
1867CortolvinJohn Page16/110m 42.0s
1866SalamanderMr Alec Goodman40/111m 5.0s
1865AlcibiadeCapt. Henry Coventry100/711m 16.0s
1864EmblematicGeorge Stevens10/111m 50.0s
1863EmblemGeorge Stevens4/111m 20.0s
1862The HuntsmanHarry Lamplugh3/1 F9m 30.0s
1861JealousyJoseph Kendall5/110m 14.0s
1860AnatisMr Tommy Pickernell7/2 FNot recorded
1859Half CasteChris Green7/110m 2.0s
1858Little CharleyWilliam Archer100/611m 5.0s
1857EmigrantCharlie Boyce10/110m 6.0s
1856FreetraderGeorge Stevens25/110m 9.5s
1855WandererJohn Hanlon25/110m 25.0s
1854BourtonJohn Tasker4/1 F9m 59.0s
1853Peter SimpleTom Olliver9/110m 37.5s
1852Miss MowbrayMr Alec Goodman9m 58.5s
1851Abd-El-KaderT. Abbott7/19m 59.0s
1850Abd-El-KaderChris Green9m 57.5s
1849Peter SimpleTom Cunningham20/110m 56.0s
1848ChandlerCapt. Josey Little [2]12/111m 21.0s
1847MathewDenny Wynne10/110m 39.0s
1846PioneerWilliam Taylor10m 46.0s
1845Cure-AllMr William Loft10m 47.0s
1844DiscountMr John Crickmere5/1 JFJust under 14m
1843VanguardTom Olliver12/1Not recorded
1842GayladTom Olliver7/113m 30.0s
1841CharityMr A. Powell14/113m 25.0s
1840JerryMr Bartholomew Bretherton12/112m 30.0s
1839LotteryJem Mason5/1 F14m 53.0s