Most popular live baccarat strategies


Live baccarat is a deceptively simple game to play. But to make the most of your time online it’s always best to use a baccarat betting strategy which is both logical and easy to apply. So this guide to baccarat strategy is designed to help you to learn how to play baccarat well and develop a baccarat system which will make playing a fun and enjoyable experience, however, remember that luck also plays a very important role in every casino game.

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The 1-3-2-4 system

Take the 1-3-2-4 number sequence and choose a unit value for your betting – say £5, for example. Your opening bet will be placed as a single unit. If that is successful, you then take the next sequential number and place a bet for those units (e.g. 3 x 5 = £15). And if you achieve four winning bets, you will then be up by 10 units.

The one-sided baccarat betting strategy


This ‘one-sided’ betting strategy is fairly straightforward to explain: A player bets online on ‘one side’ of the baccarat table – thus choosing to stick with a player or banker bet. There’s a low house advantage on either side, but there’s more to it than that. Much like a blackjack game, the ‘real odds’ on any particular hand will fluctuate throughout. That means sometimes the banker side has a very slight statistical advantage, while at other times it’s the player side whose nose might be in front. So, this whole strategy rests upon a player’s ability to coast through all the break-even phases and sense the short-lived moments when the run of the cards seems advantageous to their chosen side. The aim, of course, being to try to profit from them or at least keep your Live Casino bankroll at a healthy breakeven point.

The Martingale strategy


This is yet another progressive baccarat strategy in which you double your stake after every loss. Just remember to bet only on the player. Why? Because betting on the banker pays just 0.95. So when you bet £1, you’ll win just 95 pence – hardly a smart move if you commit to doubling your stake. But a bet on the player pays out pound for pound. So when you bet £1 and win, that’s what your return will be. So to recap: when using the Martingale strategy, never bet on the banker or the tie – always on the player. Never change that betting option. And when you play, bet £1 and if you lose increase your bet to £2 etc. etc.

Tips for playing Live Baccarat Online


  1. Check the odds

Before playing, check what odds are on offer. Watch for the commission deducted on Banker bets. This is usually 5%, but sometimes less. And on occasions it could be a lot more – perhaps as much as 25%. Player bets should be evens, but the Tie bet is often 8 to 1.

  1. Know when to quit

When starting a baccarat session, it’s sensible to know when to stop. It’s also wise to decide the amount of your session bankroll and be prepared to stop if you’re ever in danger of exceeding that total.

  1. Play short sessions

No strategy can better the house advantage. So decide how many sessions you wish to play, and stick to that decision. This will avoid any temptation to chase your losses by extending your session.