We caught up with former Love Island participant Cara Delahoyde-Massey, who won the 2016 series of the show. Read on to find out just what she had to say about her time on the show as well as what she’s been up to since.

What did you love most about Love Island?

I think just having no cares for six weeks in the sun with people all the same age. To be fair, me and Nathan had a really easy time in the villa, so I think that’s why we look back on it as such a happy time.

Who do you still speak to from the show?

Because we now have a baby son, Freddy, we don’t go to as many events as we used to, so friends and priorities change. However, we still keep in touch and are really close to Scott Thomas and Rykard, who are lovely.

Are you watching the current series and if so who would you like to see win?

I don’t actually get the chance to watch it as I am busy with Freddy. I didn’t even watch our series back you know, the only series I watched was series one the first time it was on air.

What would your perfect date be?

Right now the perfect date would be a night where me and Nathan get 12 hours uninterrupted sleep and get to eat a bit of dinner without sharing it with a toddler. That would be heaven.

What was your worst date ever?

I’ve actually never really had a bad date. I’m quite chatty and relaxed so I think even if I did get a bad date I’m not sure I would have really noticed until maybe they never called me back!

What’s your perfect Valentine’s date?

Disney 100%. Me, Nathan and Freddy in a deserted Disney park having the best day ever as a family. They are both my Valentines and I love Disney.

If you had to match two famous people who would you put together?

Oh, can I choose two TV characters? Because I would have loved to see Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City get together with the character Aiden. I’m still gutted they didn’t end up together. Sex and the City is still the best.

What would you say your three top tips are for a good relationship?

So definitely laughter, trust and appreciate each other always.

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