Deontay Wilder is quickly becoming a household name in the UK. The boxer from across the pond has one of the fiercest punches in the history of boxing and can strike at any moment. He was one of the best knockout rates in boxing and has recently struck feuds with both Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Here is our look at Wilder’s key stats and figures.

Tale of the Tape

Name: Deontay ‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder

Nationality: American

DOB: 22/10/1985

Age: 34

Height: 6’ 7’

Reach: 83’

Stance: Orthodox

Professional record: 42-1-1

KOs: 41

Rounds: 150

Professional debut: 15/11/2008

Biggest Fights

Deontay Wilder v Luiz Ortiz 1 – 3/3/18

Deontay Wilder had made himself one of the most revered men in the heavyweight division the year previous to this bout taking place and he’d already defended his WBC Heavyweight Championship five times. At the same time, Cuban boxer Luis Ortiz, known as ‘King Kong ’, was also doing damage in the division.

During the fight, Ortiz was performing as the better boxer. His southpaw stance made it difficult for Wilder to lay any meaningful blows. Ortiz was boxing very aggressive and it was working up until he was caught with two hits that put him down on the canvas. The next round was all Wilder with an onslaught of hits. The Cuban then came out of nowhere in the seventh, with two serious hits from Ortiz. This was the first time Wilder had actually been hurt and he looked vulnerable.

The last few rounds were all out war as both men brawled for a finish. Wilder knocked Ortiz down twice and after hitting him with a strong uppercut the fight was stopped. Wilder was victorious.

Deontay Wilder v Dominic Breazeale

One of Wilder’s shortest fights, but also one of his best. It’s a showcase of just how powerful his punch is and sent a powerful message to the heavyweight decision, but mainly to Anthony Joshua. Both men have now faced Breazeale, with Joshua’s bout ending in the seventh round. It’s a case of mind games, with Wilder stating recently that Joshua is shaken by how quickly Wilder put away Breazeale.

The match was over in under three minutes which was humiliating for Breazeale. After talking up a big fight in the press conferences leading up to the bout, he was embarrassed by the Bronze Bomber.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury

Arguably Wilder’s toughest opponent to date, and the only man that Wilder hasn’t stopped. The Gypsy King threw himself straight into the heavyweight division taking up a fight against Wilder and what a fight it was. The fight will always be overshadowed by the controversial results that hasn’t reflected well on Wilder, but nothing can take away from what both men accomplished in the ring that night.

Fury put on a boxing masterclass, while Wilder showed the world that he can be out boxed in 11 rounds but only needs a couple of seconds to potentially win a fight.

Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury II

The first fight between these two heavyweights could have been labelled as ‘incredible’ or ‘gripping’. The second fight could only be labelled ‘demolition job’. Fury entered the ring dressed as a king, being carried on a thrown. It was a fitting way to enter which foreshadowed how the fight would go. Wilder followed in his usual impressive armour looking both confident and intimidating.

Straight from the first bell Fury laid into Wilder with heady hits and tactical jabs. He looked energised as he floated around a static Wilder. The Bronze Bomber tried to land a few punches during the early rounds but couldn’t connect with anything meaningful. It was a Tyson Fury the world had never seen before. How could Wilder prepare for something he’d never witnessed? Fury continued the onslaught to the point that it was getting hard to watch. Wilder was on the canvas multiple times and looked completely dazed. Fury then led a fumbling Wilder into the corner and started grinding away before Wilder’s corner threw the towel in and the fight was over.

Wilder later told his fans that his armour that he wore on the way to the ring had made his legs so weak that he struggled in the fight. He also stated that he would be taking on the third fight and vowed to beat the Gypsy King.

Next Fight

After their previous two fights were nothing short of unbelievable, Wilder looks set to go head-to-head with Fury to regain his title. The fight will complete the trilogy and should be nothing short of brilliant.

Professional Career Record

  1. Beat Ethan Cox by TKO – 15/11/08
  2. Beat Shannon Gray by TKO – 06/03/09
  3. Beat Richard Greene Jnr by RTD – 14/03/09
  4. Beat Joseph Rabotte by KO – 24/04/09
  5. Beat Charles Brown by KO – 23/05/09
  6. Beat Kelsey Arnold by KO – 26/06/09
  7. Beat Travis Allen by TKO – 14/08/09
  8. Beat Jerry Vaughn by KO – 28/11/09
  9. Beat Ty Cobb by KO – 02/04/10
  10. Beat Alvaro Morales by TKO – 30/04/10
  11. Beat Dustin Nichols by RTD – 03/07/10
  12. Beat Shannon Caudle by KO – 25/09/10
  13. Beat Harold Sconiers by TKO – 15/10/10
  14. Beat Dan Sheehan by KO – 02/12/10
  15. Beat DeAndrey Abron by TKO – 19/02/11
  16. Beat Reggie Pena by TKO – 06/05/11
  17. Beat Damon Reed by KO – 18/06/11
  18. Beat Dominique Alexander by TKO – 27/08/11
  19. Beat Daniel Cota by KO – 05/11/11
  20. Beat David Long by KO – 26/11/11
  21. Beat Marlon Hayes by TKO – 25/02/12
  22. Beat Jesse Oltmanns by TKO – 25/05/12
  23. Beat Owen Beck by RTD – 23/06/12
  24. Beat Kertson Manswell by TKO – 04/08/12
  25. Beat Damon McCreary by KO – 08/09/12
  26. Beat Kelvin Price by KO – 15/12/12
  27. Beat Matthew Greer by TKO – 19/01/13
  28. Beat Audley Harrison by TKO – 27/04/13
  29. Beat Siarhei Liakhovich by KO – 09/08/13
  30. Beat Nicolai Firtha by KO – 26/10/13
  31. Beat Malik Scott by KO – 15/03/14
  32. Beat Jason Gavern by RTD – 16/08/14
  33. Beat Bermane Stiverne by UD – 17/03/15
  34. Beat Eric Molena by KO – 13/06/15
  35. Beat Johann Duhaupas by TKO – 26/09/15
  36. Beat Artur Szpilka by KO – 16/01/16
  37. Beat Chris Areola by RTD – 16/07/16
  38. Beat Gerald Washington by TKO – 25/02/17
  39. Beat Bermane Stiverne by KO – 04/11/17
  40. Beat Luis Ortiz by TKO – 03/03/18
  41. Drew to Tyson Fury – 01/12/18
  42. Beat Dominic Breazeale by KO – 18/05/19
  43. Beat Luis Ortiz by KO – 23/11/19
  44. Lost to Tyson Fury by TKO – 22/02/20

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