This is your guide to William Hill’s online live casino games, so you won’t need to dress up for the evening. Even so, it’s best to get to know the ropes before you take your seat in the casino. That’s where our guide comes in: You’ll find a carefully selected list of the William Hill live casino games our customers like to play the most. Take your time to browse through these favourites, because there’s plenty to learn. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy some real casino live action!

Enjoy A Range of William Hill’s Exclusive Live Casino Games

To help you enjoy the best possible live casino experience, we have carefully analysed which games our customers regularly play. This, of course, includes sure-fire William Hill favourites such as live roulette, live blackjack, live baccarat, live poker and live casino game shows. So please feel free to browse through this list of the most popular Live Casino Dealer games our customers frequently play. You’re sure to find there are some favourites of your own you’ll want to play. You may even discover some new game variations you might also like to try.

William Hill’s Top 10 Live Casino Games Played by Customers


Check out our list below to find the best live casino games our customers have enjoyed the most:

WH Roulette


William Hill Roulette is modelled on the classic European casino game of roulette. You’ll find this game features all the usual European roulette bets (such as line bets, corner bets and straight bets). There are also convenient “Neighbours Bet” options, which allow players to place their chips on certain fixed number combinations (as one action). This equates to 5 bets covering a particular set of 5 adjacent numbers on the roulette wheel.

Lightning Roulette


Lightning roulette adds a new aura of drama and excitement which takes the traditional casino game of roulette to a completely new level. Essentially, this is a high-octane blend of the live casino game which includes a high-payout random number generator. Get ready for wheel spins in which random numbers are struck by a lightning bolt! But perhaps even more thrilling, selections are also subject to a random multiplier, which can increase to as much as 500x.



Classic roulette is always one of the most popular live dealer casino games. The live camera views allow players to follow every phase of the game in intricate detail. You can try the standard European version of the game. Or if you prefer, or just want to try a new experience, you could opt to play French roulette with its different table layout and slightly altered rules.

Immersive Roulette


Immersive Roulette is a premium-grade live roulette game which has some exclusive features all of its own. Other roulette games use multi-camera viewing angles, but immersive roulette uses views which zoom in even closer to capture each game’s critical action. Not only can you watch every spin of the wheel and track each bounce of the ball, but you can also enjoy instant replays of the very moment the roulette ball enters the winning pocket – and all in glorious slow motion!



Based on the ever-popular MONOPOLY board game, MONOPOLY Live is a live online variant which extends and develops the game’s original concept. The main game is very easy to grasp: Your live game host gives a spin to the mega-sized wheel, and all the players have to do is predict where that spinning wheel will eventually stop. Various bets are available, but watch out for the appearance of a virtual MR. MONOPOLY who features in an amazing augmented reality bonus game.

Dream Catcher™


Dream Catcher is one of the most stunning live casino game shows. There’s a live dealer spinning the wheel throughout the game while constantly interacting with the players. Multi-camera setups and synchronised audio effects boost the immersive appeal of this simple ‘bet and spin’ game show concept.



Live blackjack is a game to suit players at every level. This is a standard game for a seven-player table which offers slick, high-speed gameplay and a wealth of extra features. Watch out for options such as 21+3 and a side bet on ‘perfect pairs’.