Reigning Dancing on Ice champion Alex Murphy says that it’s written in the stars for Sonny Jay to cause an upset and win Dancing on Ice this weekend, because males with the letter ‘J’ in their names have dominated in recent years.

The American figure skater believes history could repeat itself because of that pattern, with Jake Quickenden, James Jordan, and her partner last year, Joe Swash, all finishing the show as winners. And while Faye Brookes is the favourite at 1/2 to claim first place this weekend, Alex claims she wouldn’t be surprised to see Sonny come out victorious.

She said: “The last three years have seen male contestants win back-to-back, and it’s all been men with a ‘J’ in their first name or surname – so I wouldn’t be shocked if the stars aligned and Sonny Jay wins!

“Faye has been incredible throughout the series and I’m glad to see that she made it to the final. She’s worked very hard and deserves her place there.”

Alex continued: “I do think that she stands a better chance of winning. I also think it would be nice to see a woman win again after the men have had a strong spell, but it should be an exciting final and one I’m looking forward to.”

This weekend will see Faye, Sonny and Colin Jackson compete for first place, and Alex looks back fondly on the week leading up to the big finale.

She said: “Leading up to the final, I always tried to enjoy myself. There’s no pressure, the camaraderie is usually brilliant, and everyone is just living in their skates!”

She added: “You feel like you’ve never skated more in your life, but your bond with your partner is so close leading up to the final.

“I think the feeling that you have nothing to lose is such a relief and knowing that you made it through all the weeks before is such an achievement in itself. It’s a case of letting your hair down and just enjoying the experience.”

Alex has been a vocal supporter of Lady Leshurr from day one of this Dancing on Ice series and admitted she’s sad the British rapper won’t be competing in the final after being voted off at the weekend.

She said: “I was definitely sad to see Lady Leshurr go home. I feel she was right up there with Faye! She has been my favourite since the start of the competition and her personality was great every single week.

“My favourite routine was the one with the chair. I think she did an amazing job with the props, and I think the public really related to her but that wasn’t reflected in the votes, unfortunately.”

Alex has also said that the most disappointing thing about not making the final is learning the trademark Bolero routine from skating legends Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean and not being able to showcase it one week later.

She said: “Torvill and Dean teach a showcase skate that is such an incredible experience. To learn from the best of the best in the business is really such an honour, and I know as a professional skater it means so much more!

“All of the semi-finalists start learning their show skate for the final and either you make it there or you don’t. It’s heart-breaking to learn that routine from Torvill and Dean the week beforehand, and then not be able to showcase it in the final.”

The final week will see each couple learn two dance routines in one week, which Alex says can be extremely tough, especially for the contestants to learn two different styles of dancing.

She remarked: “It can be really challenging to learn two routines. Sometimes you get the two routines mixed up! It’s hard to compartmentalise the routines, especially if they have any similarities.

“If the music is similar and they aren’t two very distinct styles it can be hard, and you can get confused. Taking on two skates in a week is very challenging for the celebrities!”

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