Former Love Islander Amy Hart has predicted hair technician AJ and plumber Danny Bibby will be kicked out of the villa in tonight’s show.

Last night three boys Danny, Toby and Teddy were voted the least popular in a public vote and put forward for eviction, along with female contestants Lucinda, Chloe and AJ.

Amy, who appeared on the show in 2019, said she predicted the safe Islanders would have to choose who will leave with the boys picking the girl to leave and vice versa.

“I think out of those that are up for eviction, Aaron’s not going to send Lucinda home, Chloe’s an original girl and that gives you a bit of clout in those situations, and obviously Danny wants to get to know AJ but he’s up for eviction himself. So I think it will be AJ that goes from the girls.

“Boys-wise, Toby is not going to get sent home because he’s one of the originals and they all love him, Teddy is not going to get sent home because Faye won’t send the bloke she’s with home, so I think it will be Danny and AJ and they can get to know each other outside the villa.”

As for her favourites, Amy is still sticking with her original coupling – water technician Jake from Wales and Brummie Liberty.

“My favourites to win are still Jiberty – Jake and Liberty – I do love them.”

Asked if Jake’s head could be turned, Amy said it was possible if new girls came into the villa or they ended up in Casa Amor.

Each year, just as the couples start to look cosy, Casa Amor steals half of them away in the middle of the night to meet a whole new group of Islanders and the results can be explosive.

Amy said: “I really hope that they stay solid. I don’t know whether his head will be turned in Casa Amor. I think all the time Liberty is there, he can see her and his head won’t be turned, hopefully. They are lovely together.”

Amy also tipped Liam and Millie for the final: “Liam is obviously really fit but I wasn’t sure how the chat was, but he’s obviously really funny and has good banter so I really like Liam and Millie too.

“I’m absolutely loving the show at the moment; I think the drama has come in thick and fast, we’ve had bombshells, we’ve had dumpings. My most shocking moment has been Lucinda and Brad having to decide between them who was going to leave – I thought it was really savage. Normally it’s up to the other islanders.”

Geordie builder Brad was dumped from the villa after sacrificing his place so newcomer Lucinda could stay when they were voted least compatible couple.

“I was really sad that Brad went. I was gutted. I think people thought he was a player but when he sacrificed himself for Lucinda, everyone sort of went ‘oh, he’s actually really nice’.”

She said she was glad semi-professional footballer Toby had apologised to fashion blogger Kaz for ‘mugging her off’, after he ended their brief romance and failed to tell her he’d kissed marketing executive Chloe Burrows.

“When Faye was shouting at Toby across the firepit after his row with Kaz, and Teddy was telling her not to, I was like, ‘don’t tell her what to do, she’s sticking up for her mates, you should be glad she’s sticking up for her mates.’

“I think he needed to apologise. Honesty is the best policy in there because you can’t get away from people and Kaz did deserve an apology.”

Amy said she was ‘gutted’ when civil servant Sharon was evicted because she did not spend long enough time in the villa.

She added: “She was gutted, but I think for her it was more fear of missing out on different parties and challenges. I think she could have waited for someone new but, unfortunately, that’s not how the game works.”And she said she was looking forward to new contestants entering the villa to stir things up, adding: “When someone new comes in it always changes the vibe but it’s a welcome distraction.”

Asked who her favourite Islander was, Amy said she was struggling to pick because she ‘loves them all’. She said: “Boys-wise I love Liam, I like Jake and although he’s gone, I’m obsessed with Brad now, I think he’s so sweet because he let Lucinda stay.

“Girls-wise – I love Kaz, I love Liberty, and I love Millie. Faye is hilarious, so are Chloe and Lucinda – I love all of them.”

And she urged teacher Hugo, who is currently coupled up with AJ but told her he just wants to be friends, not to settle for second best, adding: “Hugo is really kind, he shouldn’t have to settle, he should find someone he actually wants to be with. There are more girls coming so he shouldn’t have to settle for anyone.”

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