Former Dancing on Ice champion Alex Murphy says that underdog Sonny Jay deserved his Dancing on Ice win, and that it shows how much hard work on the show can pay off.  

The American figure skater heaped praise on this year’s winner, drawing comparisons to her former partner Joe Swash after both turned things around from early set-backs to claim victory.

She added: “Bless Sonny! I think he did really well to get to the end and to win. He had moments where he reminded me of Joe (Swash) as he was an underdog leading up to the final. I am so happy that he managed to win.”

This year’s series will be remembered for a number of withdrawals due to injury, with many fans seeming to think Joe Warren-Plant could have mounted a challenge to win the show, had he not been forced to pull out.

Alex said: “I think it is all relative. As we saw, Joe was doing extremely well. He would have continued to progress and also been in the running I am sure.”

She continued: “We also saw that he made mistakes in the first show and was giving it everything, so he could have potentially had a fall? You never know…

“I really would have loved to see how Billie Shepherd would have done by the end of the season. I really feel like she would have progressed and made it to the final, but we’ll never know.

“Unfortunately, injuries happen. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that they happen whilst on the ice either. All you can do is try to be preventative and unfortunately this year was the year for injuries.

“Hopefully, next year we’ll see less injuries and more time on the ice for each celebrity involved.”

Despite the injuries this season, fans of the show were treated to an exciting final which saw each finalist secure a score of 40, and Alex believes this was deserved due to the hard work each contestant put in for the grand occasion.

She said: “I think considering how hard this series has been for everyone, everyone deserved a 10 at some point!”

And Alex believes the show doesn’t need much added to it, and that more skating next year will leave fans satisfied.

The former champion added: “I think there were enough twists and turns for one season, and the show was definitely spicy enough!

“It would just be great to see more skating and time on the ice for everyone next year. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show return and can’t wait to see what the latest instalment brings when the time comes.”