Former Love Island contestant Amy Hart has tipped Brummie Liberty and engineer Jake to win the Summer 2021 series and said she’d give ‘anything’ to be back in the villa.

Speaking about the first week of the hit reality show Amy, who appeared in season five said: “I love Liberty and Jake. They are my early favourites 100 per cent. I would put my money on them to win. I just love how they’ve clicked. They are really sweet, it’s a very pure relationship but anything can happen in that villa and we’ve still got seven-and-a-half weeks to go.”

“When you are in there it’s easy to think you have had enough but now I think ‘I’d give anything to be back in there again’ It was a great experience.”

Amy, who left the show of her own accord after being coupled up with Anton and Curtis, said of the new series “I’m loving it, I think it’s what we all need and I’m so glad it’s  back I can’t wait to see how the series pans out.”

The new series kicked off on Monday night and already there have been fireworks and frayed tempers. Amy said even though it was early days, it could be the best series yet.

And she said she was pleased lettings manager Faye had stood up for herself when her partner Brad picked her out as his least favourite girl in the Majorcan villa during a game of dares.

Describing her as ballsy, Amy said: “I thought Faye might be quite quiet in there and obviously she’s really not, which I’m loving.

“We have had drama in the first few days – there’s been a couple of times when I’ve felt, ‘oh!’ I physically gasped when Brad snogged Faye as his least favourite girl in the villa. It was a quick way to get rid of her though!

“She wasn’t happy and I’m glad that she showed she’s not going to take any rubbish from anyone. I don’t think she’s a troublemaker. I think the best way to do Love Island is if you’re happy, be happy, if you’re sad, be sad, if you’re angry, be angry and just let your feelings flow. Don’t hold anything back. You’ve got a lot of time to think and stew so if you don’t air these things they will just fester.”

Earlier a shock eviction saw model Shannon leave the show after ‘feisty’ new girl Chloe was forced to choose a boy to couple up with.

“I didn’t see it coming that early at all,” said Amy.

“You don’t really have time to even unpack really so I’m absolutely gutted for her. Hopefully there will be some sort of twist and she can come back.

“They say you can’t go back in because you know too much but I feel like she wasn’t in there long enough to grasp what was going on, so I think maybe she could come back.

“I hope her departure has made everyone realise that actually you’ve got to make the most of your time in there and there’s no time for chilling out and stepping back.”

Amy said while some of the contestants were playing a game, the first week was all about building friendships.

She said: “Me and Amber (Gill) were first in the villa like Kaz and Liberty and you have a special bond.

“Making friends and having allies is really important 100 per cent. The first week is when you form all your bonds. It’s harder to do that if you’ve got a boy. If you’re single you’re talking to the boys but you’ve got time to meet the girls, whereas if you’ve got a boy you’ve got to put effort into your relationship but try and make friends as well – it’s quite a busy schedule.”

She said she and Amber are still friends and text each other after every show.

As for future couplings, Amy said she was predicting chemistry between Chloe and labourer Brad along with civil servant Sharon and model Aaron.

And she added she’d voted for civil servant Sharon to go on a date with new boy Chuggs and Faye with brickkie Liam.

The Love Island star also tipped fashion blogger Kaz and semi-professional footballer Toby, who she described as ‘smooth’, to reach the final adding: “They seem really sweet. I hope they go the distance but anything can happen in there. It’s such a long process. Every day can feel like a week – it’s a long old time to get to the end.

Asked if any of the contestants were playing a game, Amy said: “There’s always so much chat around who is playing a game and I used to get angry about that, but although they are looking for love, it is also a game show at the end of the day with a cash prize, so if anyone is playing a game it’s maybe Brad. He was like I don’t want to be with Faye – laters. He’s not wasting any time.”

And her one piece of advice for this year’s contestants?

“Just make the most of it all. Try not to nap all day, like we did, it’s hard because it’s hot but you never know when it’s going to be your last day.”

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