The quarter finals haven’t even started and yet Germany, Spain, Portugal and Argentina are not answers to the question: who is still left in the 2018 World Cup?

Most readers of this humble column won’t require our assistance to score full marks with that one, but where we could come in handy, now the knockout stage is in full swing, is identifying who are the champs and chumps of extra time.

Who is still left in the 2018 World Cup – and how good are they in extra time?

Having examined the post-regulation time fortunes of the remaining 12 nations still competing for football’s most-desired prize, we can reveal Mexico are the most efficient outfit when it comes to getting the job done before penalties.

A total of 12 of their major tournament matches have gone beyond 90 minutes, with El Tri using the additional 30 minutes to claim the spoils before a penalty shootout.

Their 50% win ratio is slightly skewed thanks to their participation in a weaker regional tournament. Looking exclusively at World Cup results, Mexico have failed to win any of their three games that went to extra time.

World Cup extra-time win percentage is a domain dominated by England.

The Three Lions have won 43% of their seven games on the grandest stage that required more time to decide, narrowly holding off Belgium (who have won 40% of their five qualifying fixtures) to take top spot.

England are 10/1 to beat Colombia in extra time.

Combining extra-time fortunes at the World Cup and European Championship, however, Gareth Southgate’s side’s win percentage takes a dramatic hit, dropping off to 27% thanks to no wins from four attempts at the Euros.

Following Mexico and Belgium as the most effective extra-time nation to have played five or more matches is France, who have won 38% of their knockout games to go beyond 90 minutes. Both Brazil and Uruguay have strikingly low win percentages, with 8% and 10% of their respective extra-time outings being settled before penalties.

Russia have a 50% win rate, but have only played in two matches where an additional 30 minutes were needed, while none of Croatia, Colombia, Sweden or Switzerland have ever won in extra time.

As far as penalty shootouts are concerned, Brazil have the best record among the teams to have contested more than one, winning three of their four spot-kick showdowns at the World Cup. Overall, the Selecao have won 64% of their 11 penalty shootouts, a rate which can’t be matched by any team left in the competition, edging Uruguay, who have prevailed on penalties 63% of the time.

England, who have won just one shootout from seven attempts, can be backed at 9/1 to defeat Colombia on penalties.