Flash Odds are flash in just about every dictionary definition of the word, and they’re available on all manner of sporting events and markets with William Hill.

They offer a sudden opportunity to take advantage of a sizeably-enhanced price on a popular market, but the amount of bets William Hill will take at these generously-inflated fractions can only ever be finite.

When we put up Russia to beat Saudi Arabia at Flash Odds of EVS on the first day of the World Cup, on the ball bettors were quick to snap up every last penny available at the bigger price, duly coining it in when Sbornaya won 5-0 and the enhanced prices haven’t stopped since.

Definitions of flash, (as in Flash Odds) intransative verb.

  1.  To break forth in, or like, a sudden flame or flare.

Flash Odds are prices that are available on popular markets and events for a limited time only. They can appear when you least expect them to. Toting live odds in the half-time TV advertising break for big games on the box for example.

Members always find out before the latest Flash Odds are released via email or their William Hill inbox, but don’t worry, we’ll try our best to keep you informed even if you don’t own a TV and aren’t a compulsive inbox scrutineer.

Once the Flash Odds are out there in the public domain, we’ll hit you up with push notifications or SMS (so long as you’ve agreed to let us send you them), to ensure you’re kept abreast of the prices being enhanced.




Definitions of flash, (as in Flash Odds) adjective.

2. Showy or ostentatious.

If you want to call aiming to provide the biggest price on the market, sometimes way, way, bigger than our rivals, showy and ostentatious, then yes, Flash Odds certainly are showy and ostentatious.

But, when you’ve just bagged yourself a ridiculously juicy price to aid you in the savouring of a sporting spectacle, we don’t think you’ll mind too much.

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