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Jon Riley 10th Dec 2011 - 10:11

5/1 EU Referendum Before Next General Election

William Hill are offering 5/1 that there will be a referendum on the EU before the next General Election. 'We don't think David Cameron is in any sort of mood to allow a referendum on any aspect of the UK's membership of the EU' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.However, Hills have slashed their odds for the UK to pull out of the European Union before the next General Election takes place from 33/1 to 20/1. 'The implications of being in a minority of one in the EU have yet to become clear and some punters believe it could lead to a a withdrawal' added Sharpe.

Following the Euro crisis meeting, William Hill are offering odds of 3/1 that the Euro will cease to exist as a currency by the end of 2012, and 2/9 that it will survive. ‘The meeting does not appear to have made a whole lot of difference to the situation as far as we are concerned' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

Hills are also betting on which will be the first country to pull out of the Euro, quoting Greece as hot favourites at 1/ 4, with Italy 7/2 favourites.

‘With David Cameron using his veto, the UK are hardly flavour of the month in the EU and some punters believe this could lead ultimately to withdrawal from the 27' said Hill's spokesman Graham Sharpe.

But Hills have also seen money for a 2012 General Election as punters speculate that the Coalition could split asunder over Europe. Hills have cut a 2012 Election from 5/1 to 4/1 and also offer: 9/2 2013; 7/2 2014; 8/11 2015.

Labour are 6/4 favourites to win the next General Election with an overall majority with William Hill who make the Tories 7/4, with another Hung Parliament quoted at 2/1 and a Lib Dem outright win 100/.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson has also given an opinion that problems over reorganising the eurozone could result in a UK referendum on the matter and Hills currently quote him as 1/3 favourite to win the Mayoral election (with Ken Livingstone at 9/4) and Boris is also 4/1 favourite to be the next Leader of the Conservative Party.

Meanwhile, Hills also believe that President Sarkozy will have his work cut out to win the forthcoming French Presidential Election, making him 7/4 second favourite with rival Francois Hollande the 4/9 odds-on favourite.

EUROZONE TO BREAK UP BEFORE 2013.......3/1 Yes; 2/9 No
FIRST COUNTRY TO LEAVE EURO.....1/ 4 Greece; 7/2 Italy; 10/1 Portugal; 12/1 Spain; 16/1 Germany; 20/1 France; Ireland; 25/1 Belgium.Others on request.
GREECE TO DROP EURO BEFORE 2013.........6/5 Yes; 8/13 No
FRENCH PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION......4/9 Hollande; 7/4 Sarkozy. Others on request.




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