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Nic Ladds 13th Aug 2009 - 16:47

The face of "emotional terrorism" in the Big Brother house

"I have been emotionally terrorised" is a phrase that Big Brother watchers may often be heard to utter but no, this is what Freddie wailed the other night after the awful but watchable Bea gave him a dressing down.

After a terrible week Freddie (aka Halfwit) has unsurprisingly been put up for eviction and is available at odds of 5/2 to get the boot as he goes up against his sometime friend and fulltime plonker Marcus who can be backed at 2/7 to be aiming flying kicks at Davina rather than the housemates come Friday night.

Should Marcus go though, Freddie is then left to fend for himself against the reformed "Lisa mafia" as we like to call them which consists of everyone in the house bar Siavash who is about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard when arguing with the brood.

The reforming was engineered by Bea who is well on her way to becoming the most hated housemate ever by the public as she continues to get in to people's heads and manipulate them to like or dislike her as she sees fit, sort of like a west-country Charles Manson but with less killing as yet.

Her odds of 100/1 indicate how little chance she has with her two new found friends of convenience Lisa and David both available at 66/1.

Freddie was fast on his way out before he started becoming the victim again although is overreactions to everything Bea says is doing nothing for him and as a result he has drifted to 4/1.

Charlie has become a contender according to the betting at 5/1 but this stirrer doesn't know whether he's coming or going and constantly says one thing then does another which is beginning to annoy some of the housemates.

Inexplicably the most dull housemate Rodrigo has seen his odds cut into 7/2 and it must mean people are starting to find his irritating "I never break the rules" speeches endearing.

This whole letter to the Queen and etiquette task is bizarre as never has a housemate had an entire task based around them and conspiracy theories are rife that the producers have found their winner and will duly give 'Roddy' the best edits on the highlights shows to curry favour.

He is way too dull though and until this task came about we had almost forgotten he existed.

For us it is indeed a two way battle between Sophie at 11/4 and Siavash at 3/1 who is getting back to his old self now Noireen is out and once Marcus is gone (assuming he does go this week), he may stop all this "middle finger to the rules" rubbish which could actually get him thrown out and put himself on cruise control to the final week.

With a lot of dead wood only keeping themselves in by block voting Freddie and the like Big Brother will surely intervene at some point to make it a fair fight.

One thing for sure when Bea is up for eviction, get all your pennies on her getting the boot and get ready for the most volatile reception for an evictee that you will have ever seen.

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