AJ's Journey

Behind every top boxer is a great team. That’s no different with AJ, as William Hill have found out on his journey to becoming heavyweight champion of the world.

Sina Ghami

A long-time friend of AJ, who studied at Michigan State University. Sina takes care of AJ’s Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation, specialising in muscle, skeletal and soft tissue injuries.

Sean Murphy

Sean is a former gold medal winning boxer himself. He was AJ's amateur coach, which started AJ on the path to Gold at the 2012 London Olympics.

Mark Seltzer

Mark has a wealth of experience after working with boxers such as Carl Froch. He is AJ's cuts man, patching up the heavyweight champion when he takes a rare blow.

KD & Skinz

Long-time best friends of AJ. KD is now Operations Manager, while Skinz helps to support AJ outside of the ring.

The Man Behind The Gloves

Those close to Anthony Joshua tell us what he’s like away from the ring.


We hear about Anthony Joshua’s routines during training camps in the build-up to his fights.

Standout Career Moments

Everyone has a favourite Anthony Joshua moment. Hear what the people close to AJ have to say about theirs.


Sina and Mark Seltzer tell us about their roles in monitoring Anthony Joshua’s fitness.

William Hill


since 1934

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