There have been some memorable nine-dart finishes over the years. We take a look down memory lane and recap on the five that got people really talking.

5. Paul Lim – 1990

The first nine-darter in a World Championship, Paul Lim’s effort won him a total of £52,000 and it was worth its weight in gold. Lim threw his arrows calmly, allowing them to nestle within the lipstick with each 180. He continuously left himself enough room as pressure mounted.

Stepping up to the oche for the final three darts, the crowd fell silent. The build-up was chilling and then when the final dart hit double 12 the room erupted. The classic commentary, sheer emotion and absolute respect on show throughout Lim’s nine-darter makes this one of the best of all time.

4. John Lowe – 1984

John Lowe will always be remembered for his smooth and balanced technique. He will also be remembered for hitting the first ever televised nine-darter against Keith Deller in 1984. Many had tried but seemed to crumble under the pressure of the cameras until Lowe stepped up.

His expression didn’t change every time he went to throw a dart, despite the fact he was on the brink of history. He was locked into a state of concentration and nothing would have broken it. The pressure of potentially being the first to throw a nine darter on television must have been immense and Lowe still being able to throw his darts to the ability that he did really is a testament to just how good he was.

3. Adrian Lewis – 2015

How can anyone forget this classic nine-darter? In the last 16 of the 2015 World Darts Championship, Adrian Lewis was locked in a tense battle with Raymond van Barneveld. He had stated before the match that he felt in the form of his life and that a nine-darter was on the cards.

Every dart he threw was perfect. The room erupted as he completed the nine-darter and the celebration matched the feat. Hands in pockets and a shrug of the shoulders directly down the camera can never be forgotten. Even though Lewis went on to lose the match, it’s a moment that will go down in darting history forever.

2. Raymond van Barneveld – 2009

With a nine-darter being so coveted you’d expect a player to celebrate like they’d just won the whole competition if they hit one. To be fair they usually do, but not Van Barneveld in 2009. A simple wink and a handshake with his opponent.

It was a perfect leg with some of the cleanest darts Barney has ever thrown. He does the business and carries on as if nothing’s happened. Cool as you like.

1. Brendan Dolan – 2011

Brendan Dolan’s spectacular nine-darter against James Wade in the World Grand Prix rounds off our list as the best nine-darter ever. A nine-darter is hard enough to achieve, but to open the leg with a double and end on a bullseye is quite spectacular.

Dolan carried out the leg in great style with smooth darts and a fantastic 180. He could have thrown a dart through the eye of a needle during that leg. Wade’s fantastic sportsmanship was on show when he silenced the crowd for Dolan’s final three throws, which helped Dolan seal the nine darter. A spectacular effort and one that we’ll never forget.

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