Jake and Liberty’s relationship woes could have cost them the Love Island title, says former Islander Amy Hart.

The couple, who paired up on day one, have faced ups and downs with fans questioning Jake’s true feelings for the Brummie beauty after he told her he loved her.

“I just don’t know whether he’s genuine,” said Amy. “He says all the right things at the right time but I’m just not sure. I feel really bad for Liberty because she’s really in love with him.

I don’t think she will walk out but I think they will be next to leave.”

Amy said of her predicted finalists: “I think it will be Chloe and Toby, Liam and Millie, Kaz and Tyler, and Faye and Teddy. I think it will be close, but I think Chloe and Toby will just grab it from Liam and Millie. They have been on the ultimate Love Island journey – they’ve split up and got back together. They are the ultimate Love Islanders, hilarious but with really good hearts.”

Amy said she thought Faye Winter and Teddy Soares would finish fourth. Faye sparked controversy for the second time after housemates voted her and Teddy as one of the least compatible couples. She rejected Liberty’s attempt to make the peace following a confrontation about the votes.

Love Island ends on Monday with the winner scooping £50,000 prize money. They must decide whether to keep it all or share it with their partner.

Amy said: “It’s the last week so traditionally you see people making big gestures and confessing everything and trying to be the most loved-up couple. Things really ramp up because everyone knows there is everything to play for.”

She predicted brickie Liam Reardon, who is happily coupled up with Millie Court will tell her he loves her.

Referring to Millie’s dismal piano solo during the Islanders’ recent talent show Amy said: “If you can love anyone after that piano solo, I think it’s time to tell them. I think Liam will tell Millie he loves her maybe on their last date or their last speech.”

Amy predicted if Jake and Liberty were next to leave, Kaz and Tyler would finish third and scoop up their votes because of the girls’ friendship.

This week saw one of the show’s top annual challenges with each couple given a ‘newborn’ baby doll to feed, care for and comfort.

Amy said: “Liam has got big dad vibes, it was really cute when he was talking about how many children he wanted. But some people just aren’t ready for children and that’s what we saw with Faye.”

Asked which couples she thinks will go the distance outside, Amy said: “Chloe and Toby, I think they could be alright. I think he had his head turned at the beginning because he was just like a kid in a sweet shop who had never been around that many girls in bikinis before. But he knows where his bread is buttered now and they’ll be okay.”

She added Liam and Millie could also stay together but the couples needed time to work on their relationships amid the post-show whirlwind of events and media attention.

Amy described this year’s series of Love Island as ‘legendary’.

“I think it’s been a great series. Every series is different in its own way, but I love all of them.

“This year they’ve had some really good twists, so I definitely think there is still life in the show.

Picking her best moment, Amy said: “It’s really hard because it’s been such an amazing series, but I did love the talent show. Millie’s piano and Jake and Liberty’s Grease-themed duet were amazing.

“My most shocking moment was Lillie coming back from Casa Amor to break the news about her relationship with Liam. It’s mean to say that was my best moment but it was definitely my most shocking.”