I’m a Celebrity is back on our screens and for the first time ever it’s in the UK rather than Australia, with the celebrities this year living in a castle in Wales.

We’ve spoken to two of the contestants from previous series, Antony Costa and Lady C, about their experiences…

Antony Costa

Antony Costa, member of the boy band Blue, had plenty to say on his time on the show…

What was your favourite challenge in the jungle?

My favourite challenge in the jungle was the Scary-oke challenge. I had to stand in a phone box and they were chucking gunk, moths, flies, spiders and ants, plus many more creatures at me, and I had to keep in time with the music in order to win stars. It wasn’t good but it was very funny.

Who was your favourite campmate/s and why?

They came in late on the show, but it has to be the late, great Bobby Ball and his comedy partner Tommy Cannon; I have always been a huge fan of theirs since I was young. We kept in touch and always around this time of year, when the show is back on our screens, we’d talk about the new campmates, who we think was good, and who would do well in the show and who wouldn’t.

If you could see any celebrity in the jungle who would it be and why?

I think Piers Morgan would be fun. You’d get to see the real Piers; wouldn’t it be brilliant? We’d hopefully get to see the real Piers without the façade – has he got a soft side or is he hard all the time? I think he’d be a great watch.

How was your arrival into the jungle?

I entered on the High Walk, I was harnessed on a high wire thousands of feet up above the jungle, and we had to walk across it to get to the camp. It’s certainly an arrival I won’t forget, and you’re thrown straight into what’s to come.

If you could invent a challenge for the UK show this year what would it be?

That would be fun if I could invent a challenge. I’d choose two mixed teams and get them to stay awake for as long as possible, all night long, and have things happen to them and thrown at them throughout the night. The castle it’s set in this year is supposedly haunted so that would be fantastic and gruelling.

What do you think the celebrities in the UK version will struggle with the most?

I think lack of sleep is what always gets you. You don’t realise how much, but this year they might have an advantage knowing the time of the day, as it’s set in the UK and it will be easier to work out. We had no sense of day or time in Australia, especially when you were trying to think of the Aussie time and UK time. They might be able to plan their meals better.

What’s it like when the camp is hungry? Tell us about the food…

It can be really stressful, especially when you’re off to do a trial and the camp is really hungry and you don’t know if you’ll even get one star. The pressure is on to do as well as you can. You do get so hungry and ratty and that makes you hangry, you can’t help it, but if you have good campmates around you that support you then everything else is a breeze.

Lady C

Writer, socialite and television and radio personality Lady C loved I’m A Celebrity and here’s what she had to say…

Who did you get on with the most in the jungle?

I actually got on with lots of people. I was, however, particularly fond of Kieron Dyer. He was very sensible, level-headed and a down-to-earth person who I could have lovely conversations with. I also had some wonderful conversations with Susannah Constantine, she was a very wonderful person too.

What did you think of the challenges in the jungle?

I was nominated more than anyone in my series to do the challenges; I think people at home obviously wanted me to do that. I also enjoyed eating the turkey testicles, which I heard made people laugh. The thing I liked the least with the challenges was one involving green ants, as they hurt and itch for days after.

How was the lack of food in the jungle, especially if you didn’t win stars?

I didn’t mind the lack of food actually, I thought I may lose weight. I was horrified when I found out I only lost 8lbs. I was, however, concerned for Kieron as he was struggling with the lack of food. Kieron found it impossible to eat the food as it was so bland and tasteless, and he was losing weight.

When I became the leader and had my time in ‘the chair’, I wanted to help, and Susannah suggested we get him a tin of tomato soup to flavour Kieron’s food. Duncan Bannatyne and others went against this decision, but I felt it was very right for his well-being.

What was it like being a leader in the camp?

Oh I was a born leader. I led the camp on two occasions. I’m used to leading, I feel it’s no big deal. I was brought up in a world where leadership requires certain qualities.

If you could see any celebrities in I’m a Celebrity this year who would they be?

I would love to see Duncan James from Blue in there, I know some of his band mates have been in there, but he’d make a fabulous addition. If there were also any old celebrities coming back, I would love to see Kerry Katona make a comeback.

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