The drama of the first few weeks has continued while a fresh recoupling and an imminent dumping has left three couples increasingly vulnerable.

We analyse the standings on the island and offer some insight into those with the best chance of winning.

Top Couples

An invigorating amount of toe treading, a saucy evening by the firepit and the invariable hi-jinks of the unabashed islanders has seen small but potentially significant changes to the structure of the couples.

Are there any new contenders to keep an eye on?

Jacques and Paige

Jacques and Paige’s relationship has all but survived the inspection of Jay, though it doesn’t appear that Paige will completely cut off the hunk from Scotland. Jacques made it clear that he isn’t interested in anyone else but when the heartrate challenge proved that he was still attracted to his ex, Gemma, it seemed to knock Paige’s confidence – a flip in the dynamic we saw when Jay first arrived on the scene. Amazingly, the recent tests seem to have brought them closer, so they remain favourites at 15/8.

Dami and Indiyah

Climbing the ranks again, Dami and Indiyah are growing in strength and are this week’s second favourites at 3/1 to escape the island as champions. Loved up is the only way to describe them; they appear to be made for each other in the villa and unless the introduction of Casa Amor really shakes things up and announces another fan favourite couple, it looks as if they will go all the way to the final episode.

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Davide and Ekin-Su

Something of a troublemaker, Ekin-Su, despite trying it on with most of the guys in the villa at least once, failing or losing interest in these strategic endeavours, has reverted to the option that was right in front of her the whole time! Picking to return to Italian Davide in the recoupling, Ekin-Su has rekindled the only relationship she has dabbled in so far that seems to offer any real connection. Though not trusting her straight away, Davide seems to be happy and at 7/2 we might be witnessing the beginning of the duos push for the title.

Luca and Gemma

The early frontrunners are ticking away nicely and have yet to engage in any real arguments or grievances. However, it must be said that they don’t appear to be completely solid with the Casa Amor introduction around the corner. After a conversation with Dami revealed that Gemma could be swayed by an upgrade on Luca, and the subsequent denial of any wrongdoing, it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to picture her returning with a more suitable partner. They are third favourites but still 4/1 to win this year’s Love Island.

The stragglers

Previous favourites Andrew and Tasha have shown signs of a real blossoming romance but something about their connection isn’t quite doing it for the fans as we see them drop all the way to 10th favourites at 33/1. Jay and Ekin-Su are no longer coupled up together but the unpredictability of the actress from Turkey puts them fourth in the running at 25/1. Potentially sharing a connection though not coupled up, Jay and Antigoni are 28/1 to go the distance and complete the top couples after week four in paradise.

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