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How do you calculate a Patent Bet?

How does a patent bet calculator work? To set up a patent betting calculator accurately, first enter the type of bet as 'patent' and decide which odds format you want to use. Then choose your (three) events and the respective odds you want to check. Finally, choose the stake you intend to wager and you’re done. The patent calculator will then automatically compute your overall return, which will be displayed on screen.

Like any other wager, raising the amount of your patent bet stake will immediately improve your potential return. Furthermore, you can also use the patent calculator to explore different win/lose scenarios for your patent bet to assess how this will affect your eventual profit.

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What is a Patent bet?

Also described as a 'cover' bet, a <a href="https://news.williamhill.com/betting-guides/patent-bet-explained" target="_blank">patent bet</a> means you must make seven selections across three different events. Your series of bets would be: three single bets, plus three doubles and then a treble. The practical advantage of a three-leg patent bet is you gain a modest return even for just a single winning leg. But don’t forget your outlay: You must pay for each stake – So 7 bets at £1 will cost you £7.

Though you can apply patent betting to many sports, it’s used a lot in horse racing where predicting race outcomes can be very tricky. Though the returns will depend on your overall success, with decent odds you may still see a small profit from a single-leg win.