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How do you calculate a Single Bet?

The first thing to do is decide how much you want to stake, because the more you the stake, the greater your winning profit. If your chosen selection loses, there will be no profit return and you’ll also lose your stake. However, if your chosen selection wins, your bet-and-win stake is multiplied by the odds you accepted to calculate your profit – and your original stake is also returned. You will receive higher odds when placing bets your bookmaker believes are less likely to result in a win. If you are successful with this kind of bet, you will win higher amounts. The most practical strategy is to choose bets where you believe your chances of success are greater than the odds seem to indicate. You’ll often hear these called 'value' bets.

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What is a Single bet?

A single bet is a bet made on one market event. So, for example, you could gain you a win by accurately guessing the result of just one match. And because your profit is not dependent upon other results, you can cash in a successful bet right away.

Experts believe single bets represent the safest bet-and-win way to realise a profit over the longer term. This is because they offer a higher winning percentage than accumulator betting.

That’s also why, with single bet odds quoted at near evens, you can expect your likely return to be rather less than what accumulator bets can offer.