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How do you calculate a Treble Bet?

To demonstrate a treble accumulator style bet, let’s assume you stake £10 on the bet. If your bet one has 4/1 single bet odds, your return is £50 (£4 profit for each £1 staked, plus your original stake). Bet two, at single bet odds of 2/1, produces a return of £150 (£2 profit for each £1 staked = £100, plus your £50 stake money). Bet three, at single bet odds of 3/1, returns a total profit of £600. This is calculated as £3 profit for every £1 wagered = £450, plus your £150 stake money. As you can see, everything from the previous bet is reinvested on the next.

Of course, once you understand the principle, the simpler way to check your profits is to use an online treble bet calculator.

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What is a Treble bet?

A treble bet is just a combination bet involving three separate selections. Here, the profits from the first roll over on to your second choice bet, and then profits from the second are likewise rolled over to the third and final bet. With a treble bet, you stand to gain much bigger returns than could be realised from three single bets. But you accept a higher risk: If just one of your selections fails to win, your return will be zero. This kind of bet is much like a double or an ‘accumulator’ – the only real difference being that a double has two selections, while an accumulator will have four or more.